What are These?

“What are these?”
“These are onions”
~Pommerini Primary School Children

All day I overheard the adorable school children of Pommerini recite English, as I made posters about the different foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a task I thoroughly enjoyed under the charge of Marina and Mama Kinte. Spencer was supposed to work with Dr. Godlove at the clinic, but the good doctor was hours late and Spencer ended up working back at the new school kitchen with David, Moses, Freddie, Jack and a number of school boys.

After work the neighborhood kids played soccer with Spencer out front. A young dog joined the fun as we listened to an owl hoot and a piglet run back and forth through the village. After dinner, Edward gave an engaging lecture on the history of Tanzania and we cooked up a plan for a going away luncheon.

Not bedtime yet – Spencer found the scrabble set…

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