“Where ever you go there you are.”

studentsGraceThought for the day: Just remember where ever you go there you are.

We started off the day with a new driver in the president’s car. The weather was cloudy and rainy. James has family to attend to so he is gone for a while.  I was doing the usual and discovered a student making or gamy stars. At first she thought she was busted but then taught me how to do it too. Then we had roses, airplanes, baskets and so on.  We had practiced a song and went to LaVerne’s class to sing it.  La Verne had been playing bingo with her class and they were noisy.  We all gather for lunch, the tech group dragging in late.  Everyone was pretty low key today.  Dinner was in another room and they gave us a plate of fruit to thank us for helping with their English. All on all another good day.


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