Children with painted facesLast journal entry of Team #157!

Well, two weeks, six tías, one Global Volunteer team leader (Maggie)-FUNDAC representation, Sonia from the ministry, and five volunteers later, we have completed our service as servant-learners at Daycare Center #1 in Calderón, Ecuador! The last day all the children put on a show for us. Tía Norma and the babies did a little dance. Tía Diana, Tía Ruby, Tía Gaby, Tía Alexandra, and Tía Karina all did songs, dances, and poems. It was something to behold – costumes and faces painted! The tías, Mark, Pam, and myself all exchanged cards and small mementos along with hugs and smiles. Eva, from FUNDAC, and Sonia, from the ministry, all spoke and gave thanks for our work over the last two weeks. Then onto lunch, naps, cleaning, and English class. It was a special day and a special experience. I will never forget those little faces, the Spanish, and the town of Calderón, Ecuador.

Entry submitted by: Liz 

Message of the Day – Liz: “Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire.” – William Butler Yeats

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