Work and a Night Hike in the Cloudforest

Work Day #3 began with a 3:00 a.m. dog fight in front of the hotel that woke some, but not all, team members. A Message of the Day from Kaye, journal from Nicole, and an always delicious breakfast (especially fresh fruit and Costa Rican coffee) prepared by Tatiana got us off to a good start.

Our day at CASEM involved continuing to paint the building and the t-shirt project mentioned yesterday. The new colors involve a dark green about 36 inches from the ground and lighter green/white on top. We saw the first coat of dark paint today. The grates and front entry are also dark green. Alicia and CASEM partners taped paper over the windows to prep for grate painting. Kay and Randy began the t-shirt project. Nicole and I finished in the p.m. hours. All other team members painted outside with our CASEM partners. While working, we met a visiting family from Virginia who had been Global Volunteers in the Cook Islands.

After dinner our team ate at the bakery across from CASEM then walked to the location of El Bosque night tours for our 5:30 adventure. Led by Juan Carlos, the two-hour tour did not disappoint. Our first sighting was an agouti, followed by a Mexican hairy porcupine (nose only) in a tree hole, a tarantula with 80 eggs, a sustained look at an olingo jumping from tree to tree, a baby boa constrictor (rare sighting), and a variety of plants and insects. I was intrigued to learn that our friendly houseplant, the ficus, is called the strangle tree. When a bird drops the seed in the crotch of a tree and it grows, the ficus slowly envelopes the original tree, sending its root to the ground. Eventually the ficus completely surrounds the original tree, which dies inside the ficus. The large ficus we saw was 150 years old. Who knew? 

Entry submitted by: Sally 

Message of the Day – Kaye: “It is one of the most beautiful compensation of life, that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson 


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