Work as Usual

volunteer works with children in Tanzania

This morning I headed out as usual to work with matron but we were done by8.00am and the clouds were becoming ominous so I returned home to meet with Edward.  We had planed to visit the primary school before tea time to coordinate with the teachers about washing hands with soap. The down pour thwarted our plans, but when it cleared up we set out and repaired several tippy tappys  – a clever wooden device that holds soap and water that pours out when you step on the lever. There are a couple near the primary bathroom and one at the secondary school.
The exams are proceeding well without drama. Edward and I met the primary school superintendent and agreed to return before lunch with buckets of water and soap to wash all the students hands and return tomorrow morning to explain why it is so important.

Over four hundred students gathered, although it seemed impossible at first, we soon saw the end of line. The kids were all cooperative and Edward translated into Swahili my poster outline and I worked on it in the afternoon.
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