Wowed by Many Things

DSC01190DSC01272Four days into week one, our group feels much more comfortable at the center, now knowing all the familiar faces, if not all of their names. The secret is out that the infants had quite a wild Thursday, dancing in class partnering with Sarah, Amelia, and Caitlin. The babies enjoyed their first outdoor adventure entertained by Sapna, Rowhan, and Shaan, who taught them “Ring Around the Rosie”. Juliann helped many of the two-year-olds with play dough, molding all sorts of creatures, while three-year-olds browsed books with Kay, Martin, and Mia.

In one of the three-year-old rooms, Tía Fernanda’s presence was sorely missed. Two seasoned teachers with good classroom control, Laurie and Anne, humbly endured an aborted parachute lesson and a chronic run away. So much for experience! We’re anxious for her return on Friday.

Katie happily worked with a student trying to assemble a puzzle while Lily responsibly took charge of walking the young ones to the waiting arms of their family. The center was updated with two new child-sized toilets installed with Tom’s help. Don’t be surprised if droves of kids ask to go “pi pi” in the next few days to get a glimpse of the new porcelain thrones.

DSC01200We were all wowed as we left for the day, wowed by the freshly painted walls and gate. Michael, Kay, Julia, and Manning worked diligently to complete the white washing of the walls. We missed Kirsten and Eloise, who were not feeling well, and we hope for their quick return.

Thanks to many donations, a new ladder was purchased for ongoing projects. While some enjoyed a dinner at home, others toured different views of Quito.

Entry submitted by: Anne

Message of the Day – Manning: The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”  – St. Augustine

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