July 2 – Wrapping Up Our Last Day – Montana

Today was our last day in Browning, and we’re all very sad knowing our trip is almost over. We started the day a little bit differently, sending Jess, Ned and Sam over to help the Boys and Girls Club transport tables and other heavy objects from the school district storage to their office. Ally went back to the BCC library to finish the work she had been doing for the last two weeks. Meanwhile, Michele checked in with all local work project leaders on priorities for the day. When she returned, Maia, Terilyn, Molly, Lean, Hannah, Gus, Anderson and Ally headed over to the care center one last time.

Because Leah, Hannah and Terilyn had been scraping paint all week, Maia, Molly and “the boys” got the unpleasant task of finishing up the job. Ally, Leah, Hannah and Terilyn spent the morning staining the picnic table Sam built earlier in the week. They were accompanied by the adorable dog who always hung around the building, which we named “Riff”, and to which we’ve grown attached. But, today we had to say goodbye to our faithful friend and to the care center where we spent many afternoons.

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