Volunteer in Ecuador

Be the Change. Be a Global Volunteer in Ecuador.

Help provide services to children with limited resources.

Inspire and care for children in Ecuador so they can reach their full potential as healthy students. Working in partnership with resourceful community leaders since 1996, we enable you to contribute your skills towards the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Assist hard-working teachers at two early-childhood development centers and a K-12 school in Calderón, a fast-growing, ethnically diverse and under-developed area of Quito. See Covid-19 requirements.

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Volunteer for good near the Equator!

Volunteer in Quito, Ecuador

“It was hard work, but when 60 little voices greet you in unison ‘Buenos Dias’ and the boldest among them charge to meet you at the door to be lifted and embraced, you forget the achy feet and stiff back.”

“In the children’s bright eyes and smiles we see why we’ve traveled thousands of miles, sanded down walls, shoveled mounds of dirt, pounded stones into pebbles and awakened at dawn to do it all again.”

“Before this trip, Ecuador was just a country that started with the letter ‘E.’ Now, I understand their history, and I have people there I care about. They will always be with me.

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