Contribute through tax-deductible volunteer opportunities abroad and in the USA, sponsorships providing needed resources, and campaigns supporting our work worldwide.

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Be The Change in the World. Be a Global Volunteer.



Teach conversational English to enthusiastic learners in the fascinating cities of Xi’an and Kunming


Cook Islands

Tutor English & Math in the spectacular tropical island of Rarotonga



Build bridges of friendship through English conversation and community projects in Ciego de Ávila or Havana.



Nurture and educate young children on the margins of Quito in the Andes Mountains



Teach conversational English to students of all ages in a seaside town on the island of Crete


United States, South Dakota

Help Lakota people improve their quality of life on the plains near the nation’s prominent tourist destinations.



Teach conversational English to eager youth in a picturesque coastal community



Teach conversational English, engage in light labor and care for children in Kathmandu.



Serve impoverished children and families, and teach English to adult students in the bustling city of Lima



Teach conversational English and immerse yourself in the Polish culture of Siedlce and the mountains of Zakopane.



Teach conversational English to elementary, high school, and university students in historic Beja



Brighten abandoned children’s lives, and teach English to teens in Barlad.


St Lucia

Help women and children reach their full potential in an impoverished seaside village



Support a community’s quest for development through nutrition, health and education projects


United States, Montana

Work on community projects alongside members of the Blackfeet Nation outside Glacier National Park


United States, West Virginia

Serve youth and elders through community empowerment projects in the verdant “hollers” of Appalacia



Wage peace through service with conversational English classes for students and professionals in historic Hanoi

Highest-rated, tax-deductible non-profit volunteer abroad programs contributing to genuine community development projects since 1984. One-, two- and three-week opportunities to volunteer abroad in:

China | Cook Islands | Cuba | Ecuador | Greece | Italy | Nepal | Peru | Poland | Portugal | Romania | St. Lucia | Tanzania | Vietnam | USA – Appalachia | USA – Blackfeet Reservation | USA – Rosebud Reservation

“Volunteering abroad holds magic on so many fronts, and is the springboard for my global explorations . . . I cannot imagine one without the other anymore.”
Seija Webb, Frequent Global Volunteer

This is service. Seriously. You can volunteer abroad as a family, group, individual or couple and make a world of difference. We’re an internationally respected non-profit organization with over 34 years of success.  So, we apply your unique skills, guided by our ethical philosophy of service, to life-giving community development projects. Reach out in compassion worldwide: Lend a hand in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, North America, South America or the South Pacific. We prepare you to serve.  Our community partners welcome you as family. You experience daily life as local people live it. And, you return home with deep, informed insights on your important place in the world.

Volunteer Abroad This Year… And Then Return With Friends or Family.

Through volunteer opportunities abroad, children are fed, clothed, taught and cared for. Their health and cognition is improved.  Schools are built, clean water is provided, dormitories are enlarged, teachers are supported, household gardens are planted, libraries are equipped, pregnant women and mothers are counseled, homes are restored, and so much more. All through the work of short-term volunteers!  Choose community projects to help children worldwide. Make a significant difference as a volunteer abroad this year – and again and again.

Become a Lifeline as a Monthly or Annual Sponsor for Children.

Over three decades, nearly 34,000 Global Volunteers of all ages and from all walks of life have contributed their time and skills in 34 countries on six continents. A majority of them have also helped purchase the material resources our community partners need for the important work our volunteers do.  The impact is enormous! But, you don’t have to wait to volunteer abroad to leave your mark on the world. You can contribute now as a monthly sponsor or one-time donor to an immediate need.  All contributions are tax-deductible.

Support Our Efforts to Connect the World in Compassion and Respect.

Share your own volunteer abroad stories with your social network, and carry the message worldwide.  How do you want to help change the world for good?  Where do you commit yourself every day to support children and families living on the margins of society?  Inspire the next generation of volunteers abroad to reach out beyond their own lives to help youth, adults and elders achieve fulfilling and productive lives.  It all starts with a simple post, image or tweet!




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Global Volunteers alumni in Poland.
Free time activities, Volunteering in Nepal
Appleby family Volunteers in Crete
Kathmandu volunteering

“Volunteer service has changed my life.”
-Terry McGlasson, Ph.D., Global Volunteer alumnus

Create, nurture and sustain the well-being of the world’s children and their families on international volunteer programs. With Global Volunteers, local people are in charge. You work alongside local people under the direction of community leaders on projects requested and maintained by our development partners.  As a Global Volunteer abroad, you are welcomed into homes, classrooms, clinics, community centers, hospitals, orphanages, childcare centers, libraries, government offices, farm fields and wherever service and learning occurs. Exceed your expectations.  On one-, two-, or three-week volunteer abroad programs, you help others reach their highest potential.

Be the change. Be a Global Volunteer abroad.

“Granddaddy of the volunteer vacation movement.”

“A model that has been replicated worldwide.”

“Global Volunteers has what are regarded as the best programs in the field.”

“Bud and Michele established Global Volunteers to provide people with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children around the globe.”

“The work they accomplish meets needs in little-known areas that might not be on the radar of large-scale efforts.”

“Global Volunteers is at the leading edge of the surge in popularity of volunteer vacations.”

“Travel with a conscience and help people on a Global Volunteers journey.”

“In 1979 Michele Gran and Bud Philbrook helped people in a poor mountain village in Guatemala. That lead to Global Volunteers — spiritually fulfilling, intellectually stimulating and incidentally tax-deductible volunteer vacations.”

Global Volunteers is one of the oldest nonsectarian organizations to offer short-term “volunteer vacations.”

“Though the volunteers may be vacationers, the aid they bring is real.”

10 Best Volunteer Abroad Organizations:  “A pioneer of volunteer vacations organizations, Global Volunteers was founded in 1984 – that is, long before it was a trend.”

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