Service-Learning Programs

It begins with a crystal-clear vision. Global Volunteers pioneered short-term international service-learning programs in 1984 to engage volunteers in meaningful community development projects worldwide. We proudly attribute over three decades of impactful development assistance to more than 40,000 volunteers and to our unique Philosophy of Service.

We follow these guiding principles:
• To serve only where we are invited.
• To work under the direction of local community leaders.
• To do only what we are asked to do.
• To work hand-in-hand with local people.
• To mobilize teams of one-, two- and three-week volunteers several times annually, year after year.

What Does This Mean For You And Your Students?

We help students transform their good intentions, curiosity, and adventurous spirit into genuine and useful assistance, and a rewarding volunteer or intern abroad experience. We guarantee:
• Sustainability: Every student is an important link in a long chain of volunteers. Together, they continue the work of teams before them, and set the stage for those that follow.
• Equal Partnership: Student groups enjoy a mutual relationship with communities and local people, affording deep insights and new friendships.
• Authenticity: Because our teams return to each community multiple times year-after-year, students are accepted as members, and are involved in the day-to-day life of the host community.
• World Citizenship: Students are engaged in true service-learning; developing the lens and perspectives of a responsible global citizen.