Our Vision of Peace and Justice Guides Us

Our vision is simple: To wage peace and promote justice worldwide through genuine development partnerships. We know communities embody their cultural, social and economic reality, and know their needs and priorities. They realize the barriers to, as well as the possibilities for, their advancement. This local wisdom guides their development projects which are central to Global Volunteers’ work. As volunteers, we don’t suggest “results” or bring “solutions.” Our dedicated host partners, in directing our efforts, ensure volunteers’ assistance is appropriate and measurable.

Our mantra is: “Local people are always in charge.” We believe that genuine development mobilizes empowered people: Both those seeking assistance, and those who seek to serve them. Nurturing long-term relationships is central to our worldwide success.

Read our guide to providing essential services worldwide.

Our Unique Philosophy of Service Guides You

Our unique philosophy of service ensures you’ll truly help others, wage peace, and promote justice directly and appropriately:

• At the invitation of our community partners
• Under the direction of local leaders
• On sustainable community-based projects
• Hand-and-hand with local people
• Freely offering our skills without personal agendas

Volunteers serve in two primary program areas:
1. Helping deliver the United Nations prescribed 12 Essential Services focusing on children – eradicating hunger, improving health care, and raising IQ.
2. Teaching conversational English in elementary through university classrooms, community centers, children’s homes, daycare centers, government offices, and English language “Summer Camps.”

Read our Philosophy of Service

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