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It’s understandable that many individuals choose to return to volunteer in Italy two, three, four, sometimes five times. This is the opportunity to teach conversational English to engaged middle school and high school students while enjoying the spell-binding Adriatic Sea coastlines and blue skies in Italy’s Puglia region. It’s magical, meaningful and memorable.

Here are just three of the many reasons why you should volunteer in Italy:

1. Meaningful Service and Connections

When you volunteer in Italy, you gain a perspective of the country that only a “non-tourist” can acquire. Because of the meaningful human connections provided through day-to-day service, you leave Italy with more than just souvenirs and photos. You and your volunteer teammates have the opportunity to experience the genuine acceptance that builds international understanding and mutual respect.

Teach English and volunteer in Italy

Volunteer work project in Italy: Teach conversational English to middle school and high school students through small group activities – games, songs, and other interactive lesson plans. You can team teach, work one-on-one, or lead classes on your own – depending on the request of the local teachers and your comfort level.

One thing is sure, these students are brilliant and truly crave the opportunity to learn American English from native speakers.

2. The Charming Town and Culture of Monopoli

Although the country of Italy is a popular tourist destination, Italy’s Puglia region is seldom visited by American tourists. Monopoli, a town of 50, 000 dating back to 500 BC, is filled with numerous natural, cultural and historic attractions waiting for you to explore. You find outdoor cafes, traditional bakeries, charming shops, and flea markets while making your way through the winding, narrow streets – sometimes running into your students and newly found friends.

It’s easy to see why people fall in love with Monopoli… Just take a look at these photos:

The last photo is of the Adriatic Sea. This view you enjoy daily while volunteering in Monopoli. In addition, you can’t beat the smell of the fresh sea air.

You can see more of Monopoli and volunteer work projects on our Italy Facebook Photo Album.

3. Food, Food, and More Food

Handmade pastries, breads, pizza and pastas. Seafood dishes. Gelato flavors galore! There is no denying that Italy’s distinctive cuisine is simply delicious. You enjoy authentic Southern Italian meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner – either at the hotel where volunteers stay or local restaurants.

Volunteer in Italy - Italian Pastries

Still not convinced?

Over a thousand Global Volunteers have served up to 10 times a year in Ostuni, Monopoli, Cisternino, Carovignio, Ceglie Messapica, Torre Santa Susanna, Martina Franca, Fasano, and Franca Villa Fontana throughout Puglia since 1995. Volunteers consistently report a high satisfaction rate and positive comments, like this one from Italy Global Volunteers Ed and Carolyn:

“It’s difficult to explain the wonderful feeling we have in Italy – making new friends, working as a team, interacting with students and staff, learning about the Italian culture, and enjoying the taste, smell, and sights of southern Italy.”

-Ed and Carolyn, Italy Global Volunteers

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