You’ve already done something extraordinary by becoming a Global Volunteer. The children around the world who rely on others to support and teach them are closer to reaching their full potential because of your generous help. You can continue to help them – exponentially. It’s as easy as sharing your unique story of service! In return, we’ll work with you to help you earn your next service program – simply by sharing your experiences and memories with friends, colleagues, neighbors, family members and others in your social network. Everyone wins – new volunteers you refer, our community partners, and you – on a fast track to a new adventure in service with Global Volunteers!

Terms and Conditions for Alumni Program Credits and Discounts

Terms and Conditions for Alumni Program Credits and Discounts:

  • Only new contacts earn the Referral Credit and Discount. The Referral Credit is not earned and the Referral Discount does not apply if the referred person(s) exists in the Global Volunteers database before you give us their name(s).
  • The Referral Credit is available once the referred person has returned from their first service program, provided they have paid their service program fee in full and they are not serving on the same service program as you.
  • The Refer a Friend program and the Companion Discount are mutually exclusive. You may use the Companion Discount for yourself when a friend, colleague, or family member serves with you on their first Global Volunteers service program. Or, you may give your friend, colleague, or family member a Referral Discount when they serve with you, but then you forfeit the Referral Credit upon your return home. You earn the Refer a Friend Credit when you refer a first-time Global Volunteer and s/he is not serving on the same service program as you.
  • Credits can be used only toward a service program fee.
  • Neither credits nor Referral Discounts can be combined with a group rate.
  • Credits have no cash value; they cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Neither credits nor discounts can be applied to your deposit.
  • Credits and discounts are not transferable, and can be redeemed only by the person to whom they were granted.


$100 Credit: Refer a Friend

Help your friends when you help us. When one of your referrals serves with us, they receive a $200 discount on their first international service program! And we give you a $100 credit towards your next program. If a webinar isn’t your style, you can share your story and creativity through meetings, emails, phone calls, or community events and help us greatly. There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer – earn your entire service program contribution!

  • $200 discount for your friend(s)
  • $100 credit for every referral
  • Credits for your entire contribution

Don’t delay in referring your contacts to us! To receive the credit, you must refer new name(s) and email address(es) for our outreach effort. It’s easy to check! Contact our Marketing Director, Katherine Grisson at with your referrals, and we’ll take it from there.

$25-50 Plus Credit: Write Your Story

Share your volunteer story with us in a phone interview or in writing. Collaborate with us to share your volunteer experience with others. Earn credit for an interview or a first-person story. Or, interview others to help share their stories.

  • Be interviewed by our staff
  • Write your own first-person story about your volunteer experience
  • Conduct video interviews with volunteers
  • Create art, designs, or other collateral material
  • Earn up to your total service program contribution


Referring Friends and Family

When you refer a friend, colleague or family member, everyone benefits. It’s so simple! In just a few simple steps, you and your friend will be ready to register for your next service program!

  • First, send us the contact information of all those who you think might be interested in helping children and families in need. This information can be sent to our Marketing Director, Katherine Grisson at
  • Second, we will contact them by email, telling them that because of you, we will give them a $200 discount on their first international service program ($50 off USA programs). You are actually offering your friend or family member a $200 gift!
  • Third, when your referral volunteers, you earn a $100 credit toward your next service program.

There are no limits to the number of referrals you can submit to us. Don’t pass up this tremendous opportunity to refer your contacts to us now – you’ll both benefit, and most importantly, the children and families we serve will benefit greatly.

Note: Credits are earned only for those referrals we receive from you first – not if they contact us independently! When your referral serves on the same service program as you do, no referral credits or referral discounts are applied, but you can share the $200 companion discount if you chose. If the person you are referring may travel with you on a service program, consider using the companion discount.

Success Stories

Ruth Curran

ruth-curranRuth has helped village children St. Lucia and Tanzania by lending her professional and personal skills and contributing material and financial resources. Feeling inspired by the St. Lucia Project, she joined our Alumni Program and represents Global Volunteers on social media – posting photos and stories from her experience. In 2017, she joined Global Volunteers’ Board of Directors.


  • Ruth worked with a fellow St. Lucia alumna to fill an entire Anse la Raye library with books. Together the two collected and shipped hundreds of books to the village!
  • Through blogging, Ruth shared her St. Lucia experience with thousands of people online. Check out her blog by clicking here.
  • As a leader on Global Volunteers’ Reaching Children’s Potential Advisory Committee, Ruth developed a series of parent workshops on childhood brain development and early childhood intervention.

Adam Vavrek

adam-vavrekAdam is an alumnus of the Global Volunteers Tanzania Service Program. He loves sharing his story and experiences with others, so he was enthusiastic about posting on social media to help raise awareness. Adam blogged about how the power of disconnecting from technology and stepping outside of your comfort zone inspires creativity and personal growth. Click here to read the entire blog post in The Huffington Post!


  • Adam shared his many talents with the children in Pommern – everything from teaching mathematics, to playing soccer, to even taking a selfie!
  • Through a social media competition, Adam won a $500 scholarship to use towards another Global Volunteers adventure.
  • Adam is now working with a fellow Tanzania alumna to fill all the Pommerini Schools with donated Scrabble boards to help the students learn conversational English.

Meghan Pollard

meghan-pollardBefore starting her freshman year of college, Meghan volunteered with Global Volunteers in both Tanzania and Poland. After returning home from Poland, she joined our Alumni Program. Meghan represented Global Volunteers at her university’s study abroad fair and is creating an on-campus Global Volunteers group. She also represents Global Volunteers on social media – posting photos from her experiences on Instagram and Twitter.


  • The students at the Pommerini Secondary School in Tanzania have received additional solar lights so that they can study at nighttime and now have brighter futures – thanks to Meghan!
  • Through a social media competition, Meghan won a $500 scholarship to use towards another Global Volunteers adventure.
  • Meghan also earned Global Volunteers credit for sharing her experiences on her college campus. She plans on using these credits along with her scholarship to return to Tanzania again!

Feedback from Alumni

I was truly thrilled to receive the photo journal. It’s a terrific “keepsake gift” especially since I felt our Nepal group was an exceptionally well-bonded team. Given that the world was shifting under our feet about the same time that the Global Volunteers staff was putting this together, the gesture was appreciated even more. To me, it shows that the team experience was valued and didn’t totally end when we dispersed to go home. That’s a nice feeling for me as a volunteer. I also recognize that recruiting others is vital to the organization and this can be another tool for that purpose. I think it reflects well on Global Volunteers. A classy touch, if you will. Nepal can sound very far away and intimidating to some so all these personalized accounts are important.


– Marianne Poblenz


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“I would tell people who may be considering this opportunity to jump in head first. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I truly believe that the children and Tia’s in Ecuador made far more of an impact on me than I can even imagine I could have possibly had on them.”

“I have been fortunate to travel and explore the world extensively in my life but it is through volunteerism – be it helping paint a daycare facility, gardening, teaching English, or holding sick little babies in faraway countries – that I have come to realize we truly are all the same, no matter the language we speak. Helping out opens the doors to a language of the heart that is universal.”

“My time in Crete was appreciated and very satisfying… I’m heading back next year. I particularly enjoy the location, the people, the food and welcoming hospitality that is shown to volunteers.”

“I cannot say enough about Global Volunteers. My trip was incredible, so I would love to help encourage others to do the same!”

“To take time away from computers, phones, and my busy lifestyle, I was able to open my eyes to the pristine beauty of “Big Sky Country.” I definitely recommend this trip to anyone looking for a new experience. Yes, you need to be open-minded and a bit flexible, but if you can manage that, the experience is well worth it.”