Students in virtually every academic discipline can make a positive difference as they work with and learn from and about local people and the world we all share. University groups apply their academic training to community development projects, at the invitation and under the direction of local leaders, that help parents and organizations deliver essential services and improve the lives and well-being of children.

We’ll certify volunteer service hours so your students can meet study abroad, service-learning or class requirements.

Students and their faculty advisors apply their skills, knowledge, and experience to important community development projects all while contributing to positive sustainable change. Community project leaders draw on every undergraduate and graduate students’ knowledge, passion, and experience to advance community development goals.

  • work with local healthcare professionals
  • provide health interventions
  • demonstrate hygiene and disease prevention practices
  • nurture vulnerable babies and toddlers
  • conduct parent workshops
  • accompany staff on home visits
  • provide mental wellness understanding
  • teach conversational English
  • tutor math and science
  • model effective classroom strategies
  • offer nutrition education
  • work in the greenhouse
  • plant container gardens
  • construct chicken coops
  • build fuel-efficient, vented stoves, and
  • paint and repair community facilities

We’re serious about service- learning! With Global Volunteers, your group contributes to optimally structured development projects and shares important, life-affirming insights into the real lives of the people you serve. Together, we’ve laid the foundation for long-lasting positive change.

We support and prepare you for group volunteering.

We take care of everything from the time you arrive at the designated airport until you depart for home.  All meals, lodging, in-country ground transportation, orientation to the program, introduction to and engagement in the community, work project assignments, and safety and security measures are managed by our staff. 

  • Professional in-country staff and partners

  • On-site orientation and team-building sessions

  • 24-hour emergency phone contact

  • Emergency medical evacuation insurance

  • Volunteer fundraising assistance

  • Professional skills and work project interest questionnaire

  • Program summary materials and reading lists



  • Global Volunteering Manual

  • Language lessons



Groups of all sizes and compositions have served with Global Volunteers on six continents since 1984. We strive to meet your service and budget goals through group program discounts and online fundraising. Winter holidays, spring break, J-term, and summer vacation are choice times for meaningful group volunteering abroad or in the USA. Reserve a regularly scheduled program, or propose custom dates that fit your schedule. Depending upon your group’s size, you can serve as an exclusive group or join with other volunteers.

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“We would be so excited for an expanded and continued relationship with Global Volunteers, and I’m already planning on pushing for another week next March in Cuba with the organization. The work projects were personal and meaningful for every group member. I heard countless times how pleased they were with the itinerary, the group activities, the service projects, and the chances for exploring freely the sights and sounds of Havana. It was a lot of hard work on everyone’s part, but having you on our side has been tremendous. I was so impressed each day with every aspect of the opportunity!”

“I have given talks on the experience of volunteering in Tanzania throughout the world, highlighting the positive contributions Global Volunteers makes.  I’m currently sharing my wonderful experience in Pommern with my 33 students, as I have shared with students at our University for nine years.”

“We experienced more than I ever thought we could in one week. This is a great way for a group to get to know another culture. I have visited a number of reservations over the years and have worked with people on a number of them. These have been among the most meaningful and beneficial experiences in my life.” 

“The more I see of Cuba, the more fascinated I am by it’s people, and their culture and way of life.  This program has been more than I could have hoped for! I could not be more grateful to Global Volunteers.”

“I absolutely fell in love with Tanzania.  I felt so at home in the community. Never had I ever experienced such love and warmth from a community. It was during my service that I truly felt I found my path in life, my passion, my purpose, the place I know I will return to again.”

“Life is a learning experience, only if you learn. This service trip in Ecuador, working in the orphanage with the little children, has taught me more than I imagined it would – pure love, compassion and humility – it was a life-changing volunteer experience.”


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