Volunteer on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation

Be the Change. Be a Global Volunteer on the Blackfeet Reservation.

Experience life at the speed of wide open spaces.

In the high plains of northern Montana, alongside Glacier National Park, you serve as a needed and appreciated volunteer with the Blackfeet Nation. We’ve provided continuous service to the Blackfeet since 1999. In just one week, you learn about the Blackfeet  history and culture while providing a genuine service to American Indian children and elders.

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Volunteer on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

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“The volunteers bring their skills, insights, and helping hands to the reservation. But, most important, they bring friendship, curiosity, and compassion. We work together to close the gap of understanding between the Indian and White cultures, and it’s very good.”

“They’re a hard-working group – those Global Volunteers. We really appreciate everything they do for us. But it’s not all work all day. We have some good times, too. They know how to laugh and joke as much as we do. Global Volunteers is part of our community.”

“The ladies at the front desk at the community college taught us how to say “white woman” in the Blackfeet language – Napi Anki (Na bee ah gee) and “white man” – Napi Kaan (Napigwan). They were patient, and sincerely interested in sharing their language.”

“One small gesture followed by another and another- eventually a basis for trust and understanding.  The combined and incremental efforts of all Global Volunteers over time truly makes the lasting difference.”

“We certainly had an exposure to American Indian culture and community which I could not have experienced without all the bridges built by Global Volunteers.  I was deeply impressed by the matched labor approach. I know we’ll be back.”

“After this program I have a profound sense of needing to make the world better. In my busy life, I miss opportunities to help people.  I think, holy smokes, I’m so lucky. Through volunteering, you kinda get disrupted (in a good way).”

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