Boy Scouts Explore, Serve, and Learn in Cuba

Boy Scouts Explore, Serve, and Learn in Cuba

A Boy Scout troop recently went on a great adventure to Cuba. Michael, one of the leaders, tells us how Boy Scouts explore, serve, and learn in Cuba. How do you end up in Cuba? Boy Scouts are known for their commitment to service and their love for adventure. But Boy Scout Troop 845, from […]

Alternative Spring Break Volunteer Programs

Top Five Alternative Spring Break Volunteer Programs

Instead of sitting on a couch, binge-watching Netflix and ordering pizza for an entire week, imagine spending your spring break contributing to meaningful projects, developing unique friendships with people from around the world, and experiencing a new culture. (Sounds great, right?!) Grab friends, family, or classmates and prepare yourself for one of our life-changing alternative spring break […]

Student serving in Cuba
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Go to Cuba. You will not be disappointed.

Brandy was part of a University of Central Missouri summer student volunteer group in Cuba. After two weeks of teaching conversational English to Cuban children and people and supporting the community of Sancti Spíritus in other ways, she wanted to share a message with anyone considering serving in Cuba. Brandy hopes you will pick up where she […]

Observations on Teaching Experience in Portugal

Observations on Teaching Experience in Portugal

Observations on Teaching Experience in Portugal by Dot, 7-time Global Volunteer: My experiences in Beja, Portugal were with high school students – in school and via tutoring – and 7th graders. The high school students’ behaviors in Beja were similar to those of high school students in the United States (compared and contrasted with the […]

the invention of Chopsticks

The Invention of Chopsticks

This is the eighth part to our series on Myths and Legends. Again in China, this is the legend of the invention of Chopsticks.  For westerners visiting China, one of the things one must learn in order to survive is to manage the use of chopsticks- a pair of small and thin sticks of the same […]

support Global Volunteers

Effortlessly Support Global Volunteers – At Home & At No Cost

Are you a current or aspiring shopper?  Read on to learn how you can donate to important humanitarian projects – at no cost to you!  Support Global Volunteers. As the needs of our partner communities grow every year, we’re always creating new and creative ways to fund special projects and meet our on-going program […]

The Legend Behind the Great Wall

The Legend Behind the Great Wall

This is the seventh part to our series on Myths and Legends. Now in China, this the legend behind the Great Wall.  What’s the first thing that pops out in your mind when you think about China? Exactly. We all think of Meng Jiangnü. Or perhaps not, but the Great Wall is one of the […]

Quito Legend

“Until I come back, Lord” – A Great Quito Legend

This is the sixth part to our series on Myths and Legends. Now in Ecuador, here is the legend of father Almeida, the most popular Quito legend.  One day during the colonial period in Quito, Manuel de Almeida, a catholic young man, renounced all in life to become a monk at the San Diego monastery. […]

Internet access in Cuba

Internet Access in Cuba

Internet access in Cuba is relatively new, and it’s limited in several ways. There is only one telecommunications service provider, ETECSA, which is government owned, like most things in Cuba. ETECSA sells Wi-Fi cards which can be used in Wi-Fi hotspot areas in the city. They cost two dollars per hour, which is what an […]

Volunteer Abroad Parent Reviews with Global Volunteers

Volunteer Abroad Parent Reviews

Global Volunteers can assure you that when you volunteer as a family, your lives, in turn, will change in unimaginable ways. But don’t just take our word for it… Read on for reviews and tips from parents who recently volunteered with their families. Hear from the parents… Elizabeth’s Review “We had several multi-generational pairs in […]