A student volunteer group from the Wegmans School of Pharmacy at St. John Fisher College discovered their week of service on the Rosebud Reservation of South Dakota really does make a difference. Learn from their experience here! Just one week. Would that be enough time to truly have even a little impact on people’s lives […]

Septuagenarian Maggie Caison is a retired middle school teacher who, since retiring, finds herself busier than ever. Apart from volunteering internationally with Global Volunteers, she also volunteers with several organizations in her home town of Lenexa, Kansas. “I feel it’s an honor to give a little of what I can. I love teaching and volunteering […]

Preschoolers in Nepal.

Summer 2019 was a great season of service in Global Volunteers partner communities! We’re grateful for the summer volunteers who served up 77 unique program weeks in China, the Cook Islands, Cuba, Ecuador, Greece, Italy, Nepal, Peru, Poland, St. Lucia, Tanzania, Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia. In addition to solo volunteers and couples, ten […]

Your Guide to Volunteer Travel in Nepal, Stephen Raja Chinnappan. Stephen Raja Chinnappan was born and raised in Bangalore, India. He joined Global Volunteers in 2001 after serving as a free-time tour guide for volunteers in Chennai. After being promoted to Country Manager, Stephen led volunteer teams until the India program was suspended in 2018 […]

Today, we are sharing a guest post by one of our long-time volunteers, Robi Kronberg. As she explains below, Robi has served on multiple service programs as a volunteer and now participates as a member of the Reaching Children’s Potential program Advisory Committee. Her professional experience in Higher Education has helped build out the program offerings and dedication to delivering effective services to our community partners. In her blog post, Robi discusses a new partner that she has brought to the table, Days for Girls, and how that partnership has benefited the women enrolled in the RCP program.

Global Volunteers Tom and Kathy Kromroy had already served together in the Cook Islands, India and St. Lucia when they decided their “gift” to each other would be to mark their 40th wedding anniversary volunteering in West Virginia. They said the opportunity to reflect on important moments together while they helped youth and adults brought […]

Stunting, a condition that can indicate physical and cognitive underdevelopment in a child, is a wide-spread, global problem. The fact that nearly one quarter – 22 percent – of the world’s children are stunted1, is difficult to conceptualize.

The UN reports that there are approximately 370 million indigenous people living globally. In communities across more than 90 countries, indigenous peoples play an important role in sustaining culture and heritage, but they continue to face significant challenges.1 Although the United Nations’ Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was adopted over a decade ago, […]

Team #183 to Ecuador helped the Foundation of Ladies of Calderón carry out an extremely important renovation project in July 2019. Read here about the history of this project and the struggle to provide a clean and safe place for disadvantaged children on the outskirts of Quito. Global Volunteers’ community partner in Ecuador – Foundation […]

When Rene Moquin and Annie Weissman thought about how they could further their global impact this spring, the answer seemed clear: reach out to family and friends to conduct fundraisers in support of Global Volunteers’ programs.