Reaching Children’s Potential Documentary

Global Volunteers’ documentary film follows the pregnancy of Salome, a Tanzanian woman enrolled in the Global Volunteers’ Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) Program. The film highlights the inspiring, lifesaving work being done by Tanzanian doctors, caregivers, parents, and volunteers which has dramatically reduced the prevalence of childhood stunting, one of the most significant impediments to human development.

How can you help?

With over 800 families enrolled, the Reaching Children’s Potential Program has grown beyond our expectations and is at a critical juncture. The World Health Organization reports that nearly one-quarter of all children worldwide suffer from stunting, a condition that is permanent if it persists beyond the second birthday, and a primary cause of lifelong poverty.

Over a four-year period, RCP families experienced a 57% reduction in childhood stunting in their children, an astounding result – but we need financial support to ensure that families continue to have access to the services and programs that are essential to their children’s ability to thrive.

Text to Give: Text RCP to (651) 505-4679