While children learn in different ways, and at different speeds, not all classrooms are equipped to accommodate all students’ learning styles.  Global Volunteers teams help teachers by serving as classroom resources to observe and intervene when students struggle with lessons and concepts, to provide enrichment for gifted learners, to re-direct students’ attention when warranted, and to provide individual or small-group tutoring during or after school hours.

Students may fall behind their peers, despite a lot of effort, because of learning or behavioral disorders, inability to focus in a classroom setting, or pressures from family responsibilities, such as farming, childcare or housework. Many schools where we work don’t have special education resources, so students who don’t grasp the standard curricula or who face competing activities can easily and quickly lose ground in their education.

Volunteers can provide remedial lessons for students who struggle, and nurture their creative expression in unstructured school environments.  You may serve as:

  • homework helper – providing assistance through quizzes, lesson reviews
  • tutor – helping with supplemental lessons assigned by teachers
  • mentor and guide – providing structure and support to distracted students; demonstrating positive classroom discipline
  • teacher’s assistant – offering additional explanation and practice through personal examples or experience
  • friend and advocate – reading aloud, dissecting assignments, helping build students’ confidence


Cook Islands

Tutor children one-on-one and in small groups on reading and numeracy.


Tutor school subjects with students, displaced youth and mothers in a domestic abuse shelter.


Serve as a classroom resource on a variety of subjects as requested by Italian teachers.


Tutor K-12 students and encourage, guide and mentor adult women students in various subjects.


Provide homework help, music and art lessons, teach life skills and assist with sports and recreation.

St. Lucia

Work one-on-one with primary and secondary school students needing assistance with math and reading.


Help K-12 students learn lessons, demonstrate positive discipline and provide classroom materials.


Effective education requires trained and dedicated teachers, functional school buildings, adequately furnished classrooms, current textbooks, adequate school supplies, safe play areas, and stimulating classes. In many developing communities, many of these basic requirements are not available. Both boys and girls must be educated at the elementary, secondary and university levels, as both genders contribute equally to their country’s economy, culture and community life.

Volunteers help promote safe and welcoming learning environments where psychosocial support is a part of the curricula. They demonstrate positive classroom discipline and redirection strategies. They emphasize how student attendance and learning increases where students are provided a stable academic environment and protected from physical abuse.

Volunteers teach math, science, computer literacy, geography, music, art, agriculture, health, nutrition and hygiene. They reinforce study skills, help coordinate field trips and provide school supplies. In some schools, volunteers are invited by teachers and administrators to help develop classroom lessons, business, trades and entrepreneurship courses and gender-inclusive curricula.

Tenia Vigla, Crete, Greece

Community Partner, English Teacher

“In 2014, I asked Global Volunteers to help out at the school. I’d heard wonderful reviews from some colleagues who had been working with the organization over the years. Since the beginning, it’s been a very positive partnership hosting and working with volunteers. There are so many benefits to all of us.  It’s especially important for their exam preparation. You see, the exam is broken down into four parts: listening, writing, grammar/vocabulary, and speaking. Examiners from the U.S. fly to Greece to test the children, so you can imagine for many Greek children, this is the first time they actually converse with a native English speaker. My students, however, have an added advantage. Working with Global Volunteers gives my students the chance to practice their conversational English skills by speaking with volunteer teachers about Greek culture, history, and philosophy. It’s a win-win situation. It’s not surprising my students all do well and with stunning results!”

Since the beginning, it’s been a very positive partnership hosting and working with volunteers.


“I assisted individuals and small groups with their writing, circulated among the mixed group of learners, focusing on math and English. I also worked one-on-one with a shy, twelve-year-old boy to strengthen his reading skills. My passion for teaching collided with an eager group of learners whose thirst for knowledge was insatiable.”

“The service experience in Greece exceeded my expectations on every level. It was truly an experience of a lifetime for me and my husband. I feel blessed having the opportunity to help students advance their skills. We felt we made a real difference – and are grateful we could experience this together. How fortunate we were to serve in beautiful Crete!”

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