Volunteer in Peru

Transform at-risk children’s lives in Peru. Help them reach their full potential by teaching conversational English, repairing classrooms, caring for babies and toddlers, preparing nutritious meals and assisting in the community clinic. Working in partnership with inspired community leaders since 2001, we enable you to contribute your skills towards the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals on projects helping youth overcome severe poverty. Review a standard volunteer work schedule.

  • English Teaching

    Although the Peruvian government promotes English in schools, most children in poor areas don’t formally learn English until the 4th grade or later. You work one-on-one with children from kindergarten through high school; primarily through reading, writing and recitation, to encourage their interest and proficiency in basic English. At the university level, you help students anchor their independence through conversational English practice and lesson reviews.


    Do you like to work with your hands? No professional experience is required! Help protect and maintain center facilities by painting, repairing, and maintaining buildings, and lend a hand on plumbing, carpentry, welding, masonry and electrical projects.


    Infants and toddlers at two houses need additional loving attention. Stimulate and guide them with arts and crafts, music, storybooks, educational toys; demonstrate hand washing with soap and water, and teach other hygiene skills.


    Health care professionals are needed at the clinic, serving all of the 1,300 children of the community, and people from the surrounding community.  The clinic employs three doctors, one dentist, one nurse, a pharmacist and nursing technicians. They specifically requested specialists – radiologists, ophthalmologist, pediatricians, dental hygienists, lab techs, etc., but all health care professionals can be engaged. Non-medical assistance is also needed at the clinic to help sort medicines, make cotton balls, etc. The local people pay a small fee; however, all of the students are free of charge. Health Care volunteers who provide care to the children do not need any special permit or license.


    Are your math and science skills sharp?  Do you enjoy geography, world history and other classroom subjects? Work one-on-one and and serve as a classroom resource in  numeracy, math comprehension, science subjects and more with students of all ages. Note: Spanish language ability is required for this project.

FAQs: How to Volunteer in Peru

Be The Change.

Through important, full-day volunteer assignments, cultural activities and time for personal adventures, you’ll learn about the Peruvian people, and remain forever invested. Our time-tested and proven philosophy of service ensures your efforts help advance the host community’s development vision and goals. You contribute to genuine development projects, and in doing so, you’re accepted as family. Our commitment to work in partnership on long-term community projects enables you, in just a short time, to serve as a critical link in a chain of volunteer support spanning three decades.

Food and Lodging

Your health and safety are our highest priorities when you volunteer in Peru. You’ll stay in comfortable accommodations in the beautiful seaside community of Ancon, where fishermen, yacht club members, and summer vacationers share the quiet beaches and the 1.2 mile-long lovely boardwalk. Additional features:

  • Available Wi-Fi
  • Only yards from the beach
  • Swimming Pool
  • Onsite breakfast
  • Single rooms available for an extra fee

Peruvian cuisine is world-renown, and commonly features rice with beef, chicken and a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and nuts. Bottled water is provided each day. Vegetarian diets can generally be accommodated.

“As soon as I reached out, they came with outstretched hands into my arms. I was no longer a stranger. It was very heartwarming, and the people I met are friendly and caring, all working hard to make a living. In Peru, there is still the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor, as in any other country. However, there is hope in all humanity.”

“If English is the language of opportunity, it’s our rare privilege to play a small supportive role in our students’ quest for graduate studies, professional employment, and success. We’re inspired by their motivation; our hearts are warmed by the graciousness of the students, staff, and faculty of La Molina.”

This is my third program in Peru.  I already loved the culture, so I didn’t have any expectations. It is absolutely unfathomable the depth of poverty in the partner community! But, I am positive my experience advanced understanding between cultures. They wanted to learn Conversational English, and I was able to give that to them. The love and joy experienced in both classes is indescribable. I always receive so much more than I could ever give!

“Miracles do happen each day, and Global Volunteers has an appreciable percentage of them! I feel I have attained a more complex view of South America. I learned that Peruvian people work very hard and that human needs are a constant.”

“I learned a lot; that happiness exists in poverty, and that people who have little still have their pride. Most importantly, I learned that children are healing to cynical souls.”

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