Make a Positive Impact.

Every volunteer makes a difference in the arc of a child’s life.  And in the process of serving, their life is enriched as well.  Parents and community leaders do the heavy lifting.  But through the ongoing efforts of volunteers, remarkable change occurs! Read our RCP Impact Report.

Toward The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

As a volunteer abroad, you contribute your skills and resources to help meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals  – sharing a common vision with local leaders, families, teachers, students and medical caregivers in partner communities. Provide essential services in 13 areas, working hand-in-hand with children and adults. Every work project delivers positive impact!

Are You Up For This Kind Of Impact?

Invest in Sustainable Change.

• Long-term partnerships.
• Local program direction.
• Comprehensive projects.
• Genuine cultural insight.
• Optimal service-learning.

Impactful Peace Corp Alternatives

Tanzanian Medical Student Rises Above Poverty With Volunteers’ Extra Help

In 2013, Lulu Kigola was among the best performers of the National Form Two examinations in Tanzania. In primary and secondary school, she was consistently earning top grades. But as the firstborn of four daughters in a poor farming village,…
Volunteer works at Omamori Spa in Vietnam, helping students and staff them approve their English course.

Personal Stories Reveal Vietnam Partner’s Role in Life Transformations

Two Vietnamese adults who have worked with Global Volunteers teams relates the realities of living with a visual disability, and how community partner Blind-Link has enabled them to thrive. Read on to learn the obstacles and opportunities they…
Everyone in the community participated oxygen-plant

Peru Community Partner Vaults Hurdles to Build Life-Giving Plant

With characteristic single-minded determination, Global Volunteers' Country Host Partner Miguel Rodríguez led staff and supporters of Sagrada Familia on a campaign of mercy in Lima, Peru. In four months, they've overcome ingrained obstacles…
Volunteers conduct an interactive workshop in Tanzania

Health and Hygiene Workshops are Conducted in Peru and Tanzania

Washing hands with soap and water and other simple hygiene practices are critical interventions for preventing disease spread. However, in some Global Volunteers’ partner communities, these habits lag due to a lack of resources and education.…
Volunteers Hugh & Sandy Neville feed toddlers at the Day Care center in the Sagrada Familia children's home in Peru.
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Children are Fed with Volunteer Assistance in Grateful Communities

Ending hunger is one of the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).  Global Volunteers offers four essential services in partner communities in Ecuador, Peru, and Tanzania, toward reaching this SDG. Read on to learn how short-term…
volunteers talk to girls in Peru
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Children are Mentored in Meaningful Service Projects

Mentoring children of all ages around the world is a meaningful assignment for volunteers from all backgrounds. Drawing on their own experiences and compassion, volunteers can make a significant difference in the lives of youth in as little…
sagrada familia children live event oxygen peru

Community Partner Conducts Life-Giving Event in Peru

Global Volunteers' ongoing support inspired community partner Sagrada Familia to tackle a critical issue in Peru currently: The lack of oxygen to treat COVID-19 patients. Using their talents, the resident children held an online fundraising…
young peruvian student lima peru

Young Voices from Peru: “Manzana”

This second story in a series about recent high school graduates from our partner community, the Sagrada Familia children's home in Peru, is about Vilma. Today, she's studying interior design in Lima, but before being taken in by Global Volunteers'…
woman tanzania village stunting

Reaching Children’s Potential In Tanzania: Welcome to Atanasia Chuma

Every month, Global Volunteers' caregivers in the Ukwega Ward of Tanzania meet with families who wish to participate in the Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) Demonstration Program. The goal of RCP is to eliminate childhood stunting in all…

International Community Development Profile: Sesiana Duma Family in Tanzania

In this series, Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) Program families in Tanzania explain how their involvement in this demonstration program is improving their lives. The RCP program engages short-term volunteers who help parents deliver…
Nepal children's home volunteering 1

Nepal Community Partner Prepares Children for Productive Future

Buddhi Man Seresta, founder of Papa's House orphanage and pastor of Fresh Fire Church in Kathmandu, had a difficult time growing up without his father. Yet, the love and care he received from his mother impressed on him his advantages - which…

Rural Caregiver’s “Model” Pregnancy Instructive for Village Mothers

Regina Mhagama, Global Volunteers' Tanzania Reaching Children's Potential (RCP) Caregiver Supervisor, said her second pregnancy in 2019 was an opportunity to demonstrate recommended prenatal practices to the 518 pregnant women and mothers in…

Peruvian Children Feed Others with Bread of Love During Pandemic

Peru Country Manager Daniel Salazar shares the exemplary actions of children at Sagrada Familia children's home in Peru. As food has become scarce during the COVID-19 lock-down, they support their community willingly with the little they have…

Nepali Community Partner and Family Struggle During Emergency Lock-down

Dipesh Khadka (second from right) and his family with Global Volunteer George Hayes (third from left). When the nation-wide lock-down was abruptly declared in the early hours of March 24 to combat COVID-19, Dipesh Khadka and his family…

RCP Staff Respond Quickly With Infection Prevention Workshops

Soon after COVID-19 was detected outside of China, Global Volunteers began checking in with partner communities around the world. The first case in Tanzania was reported on March 16 in the north. There have been no cases found in the remote…

An Inspiration From Youth During a Time of Crisis

Peru Country Manager Daniel Salazar offers a stirring reflection on displaced children's action against a seemingly indomitable enemy - COVID-19. We're reminded by Sagrada Familia's community that in the face of fear and confusion, we all…
Global Volunteers 2020

Once Surviving on the Street, Sagrada Familia Teacher Now Pays it Forward

Liz Díaz was 10 when Miguel Rodríguez found her selling candy on the street. He asked about her family and learned that conflicts with her mother had made it very difficult for Liz to live at home. Further, her parents were unable to…

Massage Therapy: An Escape from Poverty for Visually Impaired Adults in Vietnam

Relatively little research is available on the wellbeing of the large population of visually impaired or blind adults in Vietnam. Global Volunteers' partner, Blind-Link, a social entrepreneurship program, professionally trains blind young Vietnamese…
The Impact of swimming lessons in St.Lucia


You would think that living on an island, St Lucians would be strong swimmers. Sadly, this isn’t the case, and the number of childhood drownings has risen considerably over the last five years. According to the W.H.O. (World Health Organization)…

Celebrating Impact Through Partnerships

Today, we are sharing a guest post by one of our long-time volunteers, Robi Kronberg. As she explains below, Robi has served on multiple service programs as a volunteer and now participates as a member of the Reaching Children’s Potential program Advisory Committee. Her professional experience in Higher Education has helped build out the program offerings and dedication to delivering effective services to our community partners. In her blog post, Robi discusses a new partner that she has brought to the table, Days for Girls, and how that partnership has benefited the women enrolled in the RCP program.

What is stunting and why is it a big deal?

Stunting, a condition that can indicate physical and cognitive underdevelopment in a child, is a wide-spread, global problem. The fact that nearly one quarter – 22 percent – of the world’s children are stunted1, is difficult to conceptualize.

Celebrating International Indigenous People’s Day

The UN reports that there are approximately 370 million indigenous people living globally. In communities across more than 90 countries, indigenous peoples play an important role in sustaining culture and heritage, but they continue to…

Alumni Fundraising for Change: A Story of Two Committed Volunteers

When Rene Moquin and Annie Weissman thought about how they could further their global impact this spring, the answer seemed clear: reach out to family and friends to conduct fundraisers in support of Global Volunteers’ programs.

Food Insecurity & Seniors in Montana

Food insecurity may sound like an issue for developing countries, but it actually affects most of the population on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana, especially seniors. This is the story of how Global Volunteers working alongside the community…

St. Lucia’s EarthBoxes Boost Children’s Physical and Educational Development

One of Global Volunteers’ most successful projects on the island of St. Lucia is the installation of Earthboxes throughout the village of Anse La Raye, a small fishing village with approximately 3,000 residents. Since 2012, volunteers have ventured out to share a spade and a bit of sun with their new island neighbors, and planted nearly 150 Earthboxes for members of the community.

Improving Health and Happiness in Peru

Paula is a 13-year-old young woman living at Sagrada Familia, a Global Volunteers’ community partner, in Ventanilla, one of Peru’s poorest urban communities near the capital city of Lima. During the summer months (December through February), Sagrada…

Changing Lives in Greece – Impact in Action

Mihali is a seven-year-old boy living in Malevizi on the island of Crete. Global Volunteers supports summer camps each year in Malevizi, from June through August, to help improve students’ conversational English. Volunteers first met…

International Community Development Profile: Young Mother Finds Hope in RCP Project

In this series, Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) program families in Tanzania explain how their involvement in this demonstration program is improving their lives. The RCP program engages short-term volunteers who help parents deliver…
Volunteers in China
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Chinese Teachers Talk About Volunteer Impact

In the summer, Kunming University runs a 2- to 3- week "staff development" English program for an intact group of Chinese English teachers from elementary, middle and high schools in the area. Global Volunteers is invited to assist every…