Make a Positive Impact.

Every volunteer makes a difference in the arc of a child’s life.  And in the process of serving, their life is enriched as well.  Parents and community leaders do the heavy lifting.  But through the ongoing efforts of volunteers, remarkable change occurs! Read our RCP Impact Report.

Toward The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

As a volunteer abroad, you contribute your skills and resources to help meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals  – sharing a common vision with local leaders, families, teachers, students and medical caregivers in partner communities. Provide essential services in 11 areas, working hand-in-hand with children and adults. Every work project delivers positive impact!

Are You Up For This Kind Of Impact?

Invest in Sustainable Change.

• Long-term partnerships.
• Local program direction.
• Comprehensive projects.
• Genuine cultural insight.
• Optimal service-learning.

Impactful Peace Corp Alternatives