Make a Positive Impact.

Not all volunteer abroad programs are created equal. While some focus mainly on your personal experiential goals, we channel your skills to the greatest benefit of local people. The most important question you can ask about your own volunteer service is: What impact do I hope to make? When you contribute your energy and knowledge on a Global Volunteers team, you become one of the community’s greatest assets. You’re enveloped by a new culture, enjoy sincere hospitality, and gain valuable insight into local people’s lives, certainly. But most important, your efforts become part of the community’s story – directly contributing to sustained projects that define their future. Simply stated, you’re a most valuable link in an endlessly renewable chain of volunteers focused on creating, nurturing and sustaining the well-being and human potential of children worldwide. Are you up for this kind of impact?

Contribute to Development.

Our impact is measured by the outcomes of long-term development partnerships. This means we share a common vision with local leaders, families, teachers, students and medical caregivers in every host community. This isn’t the “quick fix” some people crave, however. Over decades, we cultivate and nurture mutual respect, far-sighted plans and shared success with our community partners. In this “sure and steady” way, we guide your impact to broad and lasting results, whether for one, two or three weeks at a time. Specifically:

  • You’re engaged in genuine, comprehensive development projects.
  • You work under the direction and at the invitation of local leaders.
  • Your professional skills are evaluated and matched to local needs.
  • You help provide essential services hand-in-hand with local people.
  • Your effort is sustained year after year by a steady stream of volunteers.
  • You’re invited to continue your service and financial support year-round.

Invest in Sustainable Change.

Global Volunteers is totally committed to catalyzing local self-reliance by helping community partners achieve their development goals. We invest in host communities with clear, long-term development visions, and who express a serious desire to fully engage volunteers year after year. This means we:

  • Protect host community independence and autonomy.
  • Honor local people’s wisdom and resourcefulness.
  • Employ experts in micro-economic and human development.
  • Guard against exploitation of local people.
  • Rigorously monitor our cultural impact.
  • Earn the respect of others in the field.

“Global Volunteers always does a good job preparing their people before they go out, so that they are well-organized and well-focused when they are out in the field. They are definitely an organization that we look up to.”

David MinichDirector of Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village work camp program

“Global Volunteers was one of about a dozen NGOs I researched. We chose Global Volunteers because they supplied excellent information, and we liked the fact that all projects are in partnership with local people.”

Judi LeesSt. Lucia, Peru and India Volunteer

“I volunteered in Russia, Indonesia, Tanzania and Mississippi with Global Volunteers. They were life-changing experiences. It’s a great organization that does a ‘world’ of good.”

Donald SmithAlumni Volunteer

“Worth all of my 20 years of service programs – which changed my life forever. Thank you, Global Volunteers!!”  

Kathleen Hubbard-IsmailAlumni Volunteer

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