Volunteer Worldwide:  Push beyond your boundaries and see what a difference you make! Help children and families thrive on the best volunteer abroad programs available. Build, teach, and provide care on stimulating and cohesive service programs. These are measurable and meaningful projects that truly change lives! What’s more, you’ll work with boomers, seniors, gen-x’ers and millennials who all share a common vision of global possibility. Members and supporters of the LGBT community are welcome individually and in groups. Chances are good you’ll find kindred spirits on any of our volunteer abroad programs!

You can be certain your help is needed and wanted worldwide, because we always work under the direction and at the invitation of local partners. Each service program engages you in important community development projects, such as teaching English, planting and maintaining community gardens, repairing clinics and classrooms, caring for at-risk children – and so much more.

Our volunteer coordinators are available by email, phone and chat to describe our volunteer programs abroad and in the USA.  We’ll help you decide on projects that best suit your interests and skills. On site, our proprietary orientation, team-building sessions and educational presentations give you a superior perspective on the host community and your service opportunities. Our community partners offer tips on how to volunteer overseas respectfully and effectively. All enable you to give back in a fun and meaningful way. Extend the value of your knowledge many times over!

The Best Volunteer Abroad Programs Transform Lives

You enrich your life when you help others. Our knowledgeable and engaged community leaders enable us to offer the best volunteer abroad programs to serve local people. More than three decades of sustained community development assistance uniquely qualifies us to prepare you to volunteer overseas. Our long-term relationships, exceptional volunteer management and comprehensive community service enable you to make a real difference.  That’s why our alumni recommend us many times over to their friends and family members.

Our practice of always working hand-in-hand with local people meet and exceed the highest international standards for volunteer programs abroad. You can contribute in ways that suit you the best: Use your professional skills in exciting, unfamiliar settings. Or, pursue a new skill. Serve with new friends and teammates. Pursue a deeper understanding of the promise of the world’s youth. Joining like-minded, motivated and compassionate people from all over the world on volunteer abroad programs can be one of the most significant experiences of your life.

We support and prepare you to volunteer overseas and in the USA

  • Professional in-country staff and partners

  • On-site orientation and team-building sessions

  • 24-hour emergency phone contact

  • Emergency medical evacuation insurance

  • Language and cultural introductions

  • Professional skills and work project interest questionnaire

  • Program summary materials and reading lists

  • Conversational English Teaching Guide

  • Global Volunteering Manual

  • Essential Services Prospectus

  • Volunteering fundraising assistance

  • Hotel lodging in most partner communities

Depending on your appetite for challenge and adventure, you can choose from programs close to home, or volunteer programs abroad in a community unseen by conventional tourists. And, you can choose between rugged, physically-challenging environments or the familiarity of a classroom and comfortable hotel in a small town or urban area. Each service opportunity has its unique appeal, while the comfort and familiarity of our program logistics are standard from program to program.

Because of the unique needs in our partner communities the world over, you can find new volunteer abroad programs to fulfill your goals year after year, confident that our standards and procedures are the same in every country. Each volunteer program overseas deepens your perspective of the world and your place in it.

“We fell in love with the people and the area of Pommern. The community, teachers, and students were so warm and welcoming to us, that we quickly felt a strong connection to them. We wanted to continue our work by helping in a project that would be long-term and sustainable. It became our main focus.”

Mimi GendreauTanzania volunteer

“It’s kind of a cliché, but I just gain so much more than I give. Volunteering in this ways gives you insight into the culture in a way you could never get as a tourist. You live with the people, you go to their homes and mingle with teachers. You realize you have something in common with the people you’re working with. It really is waging peace through justice worldwide.”

Joan McGuinness10-time Global Volunteer

“Each time (I serve), I receive the positive feelings that are felt for Global Volunteers. There’re few places in life that I have received the confirmation of the importance of my role in such an obvious manner.”

Garry GullicksonRepeat Volunteer

“It’s very difficult to explain that this was not just a trip. It was a life-altering experience for both of us. We touched as many people as we could and made a difference in their lives. Sometimes we got so excited and charged up about our work, we couldn’t sleep at night.”

Stephan and Barbara BasemanItaly volunteers

“I thank everyone for their dedicated work, that allows for those in need to be touched by well-organized out-reach programs filled with love. It is a privilege to be a part of Global Volunteers, and I treasure each of my 5 trips.”

Lyn deGuzman Global Volunteer Alumnus

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