The world over, your professional skills can be a lifeline for children and families living in poverty.  The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that malnourished and chronically ill children often are stunted, have difficulty learning, and struggle to get and stay well. Stunting is preventable.  In some of our host countries, the number of stunted children reaches 50 percent.

When you volunteer as a professional, you help provide sufficient food, nutrition, and health interventions for mothers, children and their families.

Help our resourceful partners with your skills inobstetrics, maternal care, breastfeeding, child psychology, early childhood intervention & family  education, preschool, primary & secondary education, 

nutrition, health & hygiene education, earthbox gardening, agronomy,

nursing, disease prevention, drug intervention,

building trades, business, marketing, computer literacy, cooperatives and related careers for community development.

 In just one or two weeks, you help maximize children’s learning capability and development.

We focus our development work on children in the first 1,000 days of life – from pregnancy to their second birthday – because this is when their brains are developing. It’s also when their life-long physical health and intellectual potential can be enhanced.  All are invited to serve – we encourage members of the LGBT professional community to join us.

You can be the change.


  • Food, Diet and Nutrition

  • Health Care and Education

  • General Education and Tutoring

  • Conversational English

  • Construction and Maintenance

  • Small Business Management

Your role balances upon three critical touchpoints – clear and appropriate expectations about appropriate help, guidance from our local partners and team leaders, and expert program management by community development experts.   Global Volunteers has you covered!

First, our volunteer coordinator helps you choose the best program for your skills and schedule.  You “hit the ground running” with our pre-departure skills inventory, a “how to” volunteer manual, and project reports from previous teams.  Second, on site, you join a cohesive, project-oriented team assigned to sustainable work projects based upon your combined skills. Third, our proprietary team-building process maintains momentum.  Our team leaders are Global Volunteers staff and alumni, extensively trained in volunteer engagement, health and safety, host relations, community project management, and most important – delivering the 12 Essential Services  to children and families worldwide. Together with our dedicated and resourceful host partners, we leverage your expertise to the greatest benefit of the community.

We support and prepare you

  • Professional in-country staff and partners

  • On-site orientation and team-building sessions

  • 24-hour emergency phone contact

  • Emergency medical evacuation insurance

  • Language and cultural introductions

  • Professional skills and work project interest questionnaire

  • Program summary materials and reading lists

  • Conversational English Teaching Guide

  • Global Volunteering Manual

  • Essential Services Prospectus

  • Volunteer fundraising assistance

  • Hotel lodging in most partner communities


    Plant and maintain earthbox container gardens, and teach these skills to families. Provide nutrition education and teach healthy meal preparation in schools, clinics and community centers. Construct rain-water catchment systems, build fuel-efficient stoves and plant trees. Various project opportunities in the Cook Islands, Cuba, India, Peru, St. Lucia, and Tanzania.


    Non-invasive assignments includes pre- and post-natal counseling, pediatric care, maternal heath and nutrition, breastfeeding support, physical therapy, diabetes screening and education, dental hygiene, proper hand-washing, first-aid training, disease prevention, HIV AIDS & STD education, eye exams, blood pressure checks. Various project opportunities in the Cook Islands, Ecuador, India, Peru, St. Lucia, Tanzania, and Montana.


    Through directed play, reward learning, nurture, and provide social stimulation and support for children in schools, orphanages, day care centers and children’s homes. Tutor students in basic classroom subjects including math, computer skills, geography, music, science, sports, agriculture, arts and crafts, reading and literacy. Demonstrate alternatives to corporal punishment for classroom management. You might also organize a school library. Various project opportunities in the Cook Islands, Costa Rica, India, Montana, Peru, St. Lucia, and Tanzania.


    Use your education skills and native understanding of the language to assess students’ capabilities, practice pronunciation, teach English structure, explain idioms, create lively lessons, assist English teachers, and excite youth and adult students about learning English. We provide our Conversational English Teaching Guide with tested and effective activities for beginning, intermediate and advanced English speakers. Various project opportunities in China, the Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, Greece, India, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Tanzania, and Vietnam.


    Help build, repair and maintain schools, health clinics and community centers, water systems, athletic fields, school dormitories, libraries, and playgrounds. Use your trades skills in planning, drafting, masonry, electrical, plumbing, roofing, engineering, landscaping, carpentry, brick-laying, irrigation systems, and conservation. Various project opportunities in the Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, India, Montana, Peru, Romania, St. Lucia, and Tanzania.


    Work with families and community organizations to help improve trades and career opportunities, and help establish community cooperatives. Teach basic business skills, entrepreneurship, bookkeeping, sales and marketing, basic management, employment, market assessments, forecasting outputs and production, setting prices and community outreach. Help identify and produce crafts for an American market. Various project opportunities in Peru, St. Lucia, and Tanzania.

“Thanks for giving us in the corporate world the opportunity to share the tremendous experience of forming our own teams! All of our expeditions have been “trips of a lifetime” for us. It’s a wonderful opportunity to experience a different people and culture, and to enjoy true service. These service experiences help move corporate teams from ‘good’ to ‘great.’ Our experiences were 22’s on a scale of 1 to 10 in measuring the value to The Prouty Project. If you take a trip with Global Volunteers anywhere they serve, I’ll guarantee you’ll learn something about yourself and your colleagues that you didn’t know before. Just do it!!”

Mike FelmleeAlumni Volunteer, Vice President, The Prouty Project

“Both trips were great successes. The benefits started the day we signed up, and we returned with a new lens on our jobs and lives.  Serving together outside of our everyday work environment was a rare and unique opportunity. Global Volunteers’ Romania service program was a great match for our needs – working on the other side of the world in a setting with much different staff and equipment resources. There’s a saying, ‘I’m not the same person having seen the sun shine on the other side of the world.’ The value is exponential when you rally a group around serving with Global Volunteers!”

Natalie DiehlAlumni Volunteer, Volunteer Services, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics

“Having volunteered with several different organizations in many countries over the past 15 years, I agree that there is a wide range of effectiveness and sustainability of their efforts.  However, my long-term commitment to Global Volunteers is largely due to the fact that they keep their eye on the (long-term) ball, and work with the communities they serve, not for them. They make every effort to leave a helpful, lasting footprint when they are not present, as well as to develop a sustainable, ongoing program.”

Dr. Bud WeinerAlumni Volunteer, Physician and Professor, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

“We would be so excited for an expanded and continued relationship with Global Volunteers, and I’m already pushing for another week in Cuba with the organization. I was so impressed each day with every aspect of the opportunity! Thank you for your work to make this trip a success. It was a lot of hard work on everyone’s part, but having you on our side has been tremendous, and I’m so appreciative for all your answers and coordination and everything you did to ensure we had an amazing time in Cuba: thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Michael Tormey Northeastern University Resident Assistant

“This was my fifth or sixth time doing international volunteer work, but it was the first time I really immersed myself in the culture. I usually go with other dentists, and we stay at deluxe tourist hotels and are transported to the clinic on first-class buses. This time, I wanted to really challenge myself, stay in the community, and mingle with the people.  I learned a lot about island culture, other dentists, local people and myself.  This experience re-lit some fires that had been out for a while. And it really opened up doors.”

Dr. Paul GanshertDentist and Cook Islands volunteer

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