Meet Our Partners and Our Collaborators

There are not enough available resources to meet the urgent needs of the world’s impoverished children.  But there is hope!  Short-term volunteers – men and women, young and old, from all walks of life – offer a nearly limitless resource of time, skill, love, nurturing and finances.  Global Volunteers partners and collaborates with institutions that want to enrich the lives of their students, members and employees by making a difference in the lives of poor children and their families in developing communities.  We align with partners and collaborators with similar goals, commitment and ethics.

We encourage you and your institution to partner/collaborate with us.  Organize an annual team of volunteers – students, employees, coworkers, or members – or contribute financially to our ongoing efforts, and make a real positive difference in the lives of disadvantaged children.  Every child counts!  If we work together, every child can reach their potential and live a full and productive life!   When we do that, we will literally change the face of the planet.