Program resumption expected in 2025. Call 651-407-6100 for updates.

Volunteer in China

Be the Change. Be a Global Volunteer in China.

Help advance understanding and respect between cultures

Wage peace by sharing your native English skills with Chinese children, teens or adults in one of two distinct urban centers. We launched our program in 1996 to teach English in China and build a bridge of friendship and respect. Leave your own personal service legacy and broaden the world for those we serve as well as yourself. Review the standard volunteer work schedule here.  

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Volunteer in historic Xi’an in Shanxi Province.

Local time in Xi’an:

Required Mobility Level:
Somewhat mobile

“A bridge of friendship has been built between us. Even if you are leaving, the friendship will live forever. We will miss you as our teachers amongst us, and also as cheerful friends who brighten our days. We won’t forget the lessons you gave us, and the honesty and generosity you demonstrated. Most of all, however, we will benefit from the gift of confidence you brought to us every day.”

“Chinese teachers want to make their English lessons engaging and relevant. More than simply teaching English, we’re engaging them in conversations and activities that interest them – and model the use of the language. We extend friendship – using English as a vehicle.”

“Two weeks are not long for us young students. But this brief but invaluable experience has changed my life. I’ve learned so much which I can never gather from books or describe in words. It seems that they cannot be seen and touched. But they are indeed in my heart and beginning to affect me silently like a spiritual shower which helps me in considering what kind of meaningful life I will have.”

“Through lively conversations about life in America, and songs, dances and games, we help them return to their classrooms with slightly improved English and new ideas to use in their classes. But most importantly, we help renew their enthusiasm for their job as teachers.”

“I have an appreciation of the Chinese culture, the goodness and quality of their people, that I wouldn’t have known without this experience. Your programs are truly two-way streets!”

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