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As a volunteer in the Cook Islands, you’ll help children and teens reach their full potential through education, health and social service projects. Our community partners are committed to enabling you to share your skills and talents. Rarotonga is a small island – just 26 miles around – so you’re quickly acquainted with the local people in one of the most beautiful places on Earth! 

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Volunteer in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

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“Each day, we count our blessings that we have been very lucky to have Global Volunteers come to us. They are all very interesting, very willing to do anything we place in front of them. But, most importantly, their presence is the inspiration needed to unite peoples of different cultures. We thank you deeply and warmly.”

“It was an amazing, rewarding, and unforgettable journey as I learned that volunteering IS good for the soul.”

“I’d be in town or at the weekly market and someone would greet me by name. The niece of the therapist I was working with invited me to her school dance competition. Then it clicked – I was no longer a tourist. I was part of the community. It was way more than I could have ever anticipated.”

“You don’t need any special training to do this…just a willingness to jump in and help out. The impact over years is most rewarding, and one of the reasons I keep returning.”

“My one-time curiosity has turned into 9 years of annual volunteer trips to Rarotonga. I return because I have a connection with the teachers at St Joseph’s Primary, to the shopkeepers, to the Global Volunteers who serve every year, but mostly I cherish my connection with the students, whom I taught in Grade 1 and now  are vibrant Grade 6 students.  It’s an honor and a privilege to be a part of their lives if only for three weeks a year.”

Being The Change.

13-time Volunteer Ellen Holzschuh was profiled by Cook Islands News in March 2020 before COVID-19 lockdown.

Read what brings Ellen back to Rarotonga year after year.