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Volunteer in Tanzania

Children are the future.  You can help them reach their full potential in Tanzania. Join a team of short-term volunteers helping parents acquire essential services to prevent childhood stunting.  You can share knowledge, engage your skills, and offer encouragement through the Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) Tanzania demonstration program. Contribute to a program aiming to improve the lives of generations!


    Use the unique, patented EarthBox system to help assemble, plant, and harvest household container gardens (“bustani za containa”) to provide families essential micro-nutrients.  Work in the greenhouse nurturing seedlings for seasonal plantings. Help distribute nutritious Rise Against Hunger meals to families while they become proficient using their Earthboxes.  Conduct a workshop for village women on nutrition, or help parents improve their family’s nutrition by demonstrating how to use garden produce for the most nutritious meals. Help construct chicken coops, or teach the basics of raising poultry.


    Share your professional knowledge in health, nutrition, early childhood development, education, or psychology. Conduct interactive workshops with pregnant women, mothers and grandmothers, or fathers and grandfathers. Choose from one of 37 topics using prepared outlines and PowerPoints.  Follow the outline and incorporate your specific education, experience, and stories.  Transferring your knowledge to village parents greatly enhances their ability to raise healthier children.


    Help paint, repair, and maintain classrooms and community centers. Construct chicken coops, install household hand washing stations,  build fuel efficient stoves, or promote solar energy systems. We need your carpentry, painting, masonry, solar energy, wind power or plumbing skills here!


    Each village has an emerging preschool (kindergarten) program, but too often, there are not enough teachers for all the children.  Help establish the foundation for life-long learning for three- to six-year-olds.  Teach colors and numbers, read children’s books aloud, and play games.  Prepare and distribute meals to little ones at school.  Watch over infants and toddlers while parents are at workshops. Share smiles, laughter, hugs and love!


    Members of prospective cooperatives want to learn how to knit so they can make the blue uniform sweaters children wear in school.  Volunteers with knitting expertise can teach local women in cooperatives how to knit the sweaters to sell at locally affordable prices.


    Provide patient care, health screenings, and dental and eye exams at Global Volunteers’ modern Ipalamwa General Clinic (IGC).  Care for pregnant women, and help ensure thriving pregnancies and healthy deliveries. Work along side Tanzanian physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and lab techs, and share with them new procedures and lessons.  Help the clinic manager and administrative staff improve clinic procedures.  Teach basic health care using the text, “Where There is No Doctor.”


    Teach English, the language of instruction in Tanzanian secondary schools and the international language of opportunity.  Work with students of all ages and adults year-round in classrooms and parent workshops, and with children 5 to 12 during two-week English Language Camps in June, September and December.


    Tutor primary school students in math or English. Teach secondary students math, science, English or physical geography. Utilize your professional experience, resources from home, and creative imagination to bring subjects to life.  Teach the teachers and administrators alternative discipline measures to better manage their classrooms.  Offer psychosocial support to students of all ages.


    Accompany our staff during family home visits to reinforce lessons learned during workshops. Demonstrate effective child stimulation exercises or show proper hand washing with soap and water techniques.  Help install/deliver appropriate technologies, e.g., household hand washing stations, container gardens, chicken coops, or fuel efficient stoves.  Offer support to dads and moms who are working hard to improve the lives of their children.  Note: Home visits are limited to volunteer professionals; however, every volunteer who chooses may participate on home visits for one-half day to gain a first-hand perspective on village life.


    Cooperatives throughout Ukwega Ward need instruction in basic business skills. Volunteers with small business experience can assist the cooperatives in a variety of ways, from helping with incorporation documents to offering bookkeeping and production training.

In order to be able to perform invasive medical procedures in Tanzania, volunteer health care professionals need to submit the following documents to the Volunteer Preparation Department (at dsalazar@globalvolunteers.org) so we can share them with our Tanzania partner:

  1. Resume.
  2. Copy of your appropriate university diploma.
  3. Copy of your professional license.
  4. Proof of malpractice insurance.

Program Snapshot:

Volunteer in Tanzania
Volunteer in Ipalamwa, Tanzania

1, 2, 3 weeks year-round

Tax-deductible Contributions From:
$1,862* – $2,495

* with qualifying discounts.

Your contribution includes the first night’s lodging in a Dar es Salaam airport hotel and round-trip flights from Dar es Salaam to Iringa.

Local time: 

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Single Room Fees and Availability

FAQs: How to Volunteer in Tanzania

Food and Lodging

Your safety as a volunteer is our highest priority. You are lodged in a new comfortable guesthouse in Ipalamwa, built by Global Volunteers specifically for volunteers. The spacious rooms are double-occupancy with western-style private bathrooms, showers, hot and cold running water, electricity, and bed nets. Solar electricity is backed up with standby generators. A limited number of single rooms are available for an additional fee to volunteers who serve for at least two weeks. Your program contribution includes hotel lodging on the first night in Dar es Salaam, transfers from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport the following day, and round-trip airfare from Dar es Salaam to Iringa, where you will be met by Global Volunteers staff.  Available discounts are explained here.

Delicious meals are prepared by our trained staff cooks and include local cuisine and American favorites. Fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking water, coffee and tea are always available. Vegetarian diets can generally be accommodated.

“I’ve never met happier, more welcoming people. The children run up to us, hold our hands and walk wherever we’re going. People invite us for tea and generously share what little food they have.”

“I attempted to read a few paragraphs of gratitude in Swahili, and had a terribly hard time holding back tears. Every child in my class smiled, listened intently and responded with their own thanks, and came up for hugs. It was the most memorable event of the week.”

“Tanzania was amazing, and hands down the best trip I’ve been on!! I can’t wait to go back!”

“I was surprised by how appreciative and eager the students are to learn. Their respect for the teachers is something I’ve never before witnessed. I learned so much from them about their lives and the village. I have a great deal of respect for Tanzanians.”

“The experience allowed me to re-assess what’s truly important. These people may not have material wealth, but they have a cultural richness and a closeness that could never be bought or owned. I taught children who barely had clothes covering their bodies who were happy and laughing.”

“I have worked with the Tanzanians, sang and danced with them and together we have discovered that the world is the same and that life is not always easy and that we cannot give up and we can succeed and we can follow our dreams and aim for the stars because everything is possible if we focus, work and persevere.”

“The music at the church service left me speechless. Though words cannot do justice to all we felt, I heard murmured after the service, ‘resonant, inspirational, mesmerizing, tears- and chill-provoking’. It was a beautiful experience… I will be forever grateful.”

Be The Change.

In 2017, Global Volunteers initiated the Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) Tanzania demonstration program at the request of village leaders, government officials, and our 30+ year partner, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT).  Volunteering in Africa gives you a broad perspective on the resiliency of the human spirit. Through daily assignments, cultural activities and time for personal adventures, you’ll learn about Tanzania and remain forever invested. Our time-tested and proven philosophy of service ensures your personal efforts help advance local people’s development vision and goals. Long-term community projects enable you, in just a short time, to serve as a critical link in a chain of continuous volunteering in Africa.