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Be the Change. Be a Global Volunteer in Tanzania.

Children are the future of our world. 

Help parents acquire essential services to prevent childhood stunting. Share knowledge, engage your skills, and offer encouragement through the Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) Tanzania demonstration program. Contribute to a program delivering on the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and aiming to improve the lives of generations! See Covid-19 requirements.

Help End Stunting: The Reaching Children’s Potential Program

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Volunteer in the Iringa District of the highlands region.

Volunteer in Ipalamwa, Tanzania


Genuine development projects to help children thrive. Exceptional service-learning for families, groups and individuals.

“I’ve never met happier, more welcoming people. The children run up to us, hold our hands and walk wherever we’re going. People invite us for tea and generously share what little food they have.”

“I attempted to read a few paragraphs of gratitude in Swahili, and had a terribly hard time holding back tears. Every child in my class smiled, listened intently and responded with their own thanks, and came up for hugs. It was the most memorable event of the week.”

“Tanzania was amazing, and hands down the best trip I’ve been on!! I can’t wait to go back!”

“I was surprised by how appreciative and eager the students are to learn. Their respect for the teachers is something I’ve never before witnessed. I learned so much from them about their lives and the village. I have a great deal of respect for Tanzanians.”

“The experience allowed me to re-assess what’s truly important. These people may not have material wealth, but they have a cultural richness and a closeness that could never be bought or owned. I taught children who barely had clothes covering their bodies who were happy and laughing.”

“I have worked with the Tanzanians, sang and danced with them and together we have discovered that the world is the same and that life is not always easy and that we cannot give up and we can succeed and we can follow our dreams and aim for the stars because everything is possible if we focus, work and persevere.”

“The music at the church service left me speechless. Though words cannot do justice to all we felt, I heard murmured after the service, ‘resonant, inspirational, mesmerizing, tears- and chill-provoking’. It was a beautiful experience… I will be forever grateful.”

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