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Global Volunteers is a human and economic development organization that leverages short-term volunteers and visionary institutional partners to help parents and local community partners provide essential services to children and families. We align our service programs with the United National Sustainable Development Goals to ensure comprehensive, measurable, sustainable, and scalable models.

Local leaders direct work our project outcomes and volunteer contributions to greatest benefit of our long-term partnerships.  Individual and corporate funders complete this agenda through project-focused and multi-year grants centered around helping children reach their full potential.

“The Thomas Ohana Foundation is proud to be a major sponsor of Global Volunteer’s efforts in Ipalamwa, Tanzania.  Global Volunteers reached out to a forgotten community in a remote area of Tanzania and provided it with life enhancing and life saving programs.  The imprint that Global Volunteers has made in the area will be felt for generations.

Ipalamwa and the surrounding communities previously had very few resources and now have a highly successful and impactful program that educates the villagers in areas ranging from nutrition to breast feeding to child rearing.  Furthermore, where formerly there was no adequate medical facility for miles, there is now a fully functional medical clinic that provides clean, adequate services, including safe child birthing experiences, to an area that covers over 20,000 individuals.

Most important to the Foundation is the fact that Global Volunteers, unlike many non profit organizations that work in developing countries, has invested an incredible amount of time, energy and resources to establishing a permanent presence in the area.  They are committed to the long term viability of its Tanzania programs and will support them in the best way they can well into the future.  We are confident that our investment is being applied in the most beneficial way possible.”

Frank Thomas, President, Thomas Ohana Foundation  

Children and Families Matter.

Support Projects That Matter to Them.

Global Volunteers is a human and economic development organization in consultative status with the United Nations that leverages short-term volunteers and institutional partners to help parents and community leaders provide essential services to children and families.

We align our service programs with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to ensure comprehensive, measurable, sustainable, scalable, and replicable models. Our community partners direct work project outcomes and enable our long-term volunteer service.  Individual and corporate funders complete this agenda through project-focused and multi-year grants centered around helping children reach their full potential.

Invest in Children’s Futures

“I have changed a lot in terms of how I raise my children. The RCP workshops are so helpful. I’m so interested because they teach not only about the children’s but also the parents’ health. They also help me to become economically stable so my life is improved over time.  I have a future to look forward to that is much better than the past.”

“I thank God that the Global Volunteers program has come to our village. Our lives have been assured because we can get great health services quickly. Since the program is here, we are benefiting from the best services for free. I know Global Volunteers puts women and children at the highest priority, and they will always support our greatest needs.”

“Repeated infection has become history to my family since joining RCP. We have been practicing hygiene using the hand-washing station and drinking boiled water, like we’ve been taught. There is a huge difference between my older children, who I had before RCP, and my son, Baraka, who I delivered once I was in the program. Global Volunteers’ lessons have made the change in our lives.”

“Through the incorporation of our meals In the RCP, Program, we’ve been able to deepen our impact, further our work to end hunger, and support the creation of brighter futures for children and families. We select our impact partners based on programs that align with our mission and vision, as well as how the food will leverage further development in the program. Global Voluntees is doing great work to eliminate stunting and hunger in Tanzania, using several approaches including health education, gardening, the promotion of behavior changes, home visits, nutritious meals and more.”

Launch Global Leaders

Our teams of volunteers work alongside parents, caregivers, teachers, school administrators, medical professionals, therapists, and local leaders to improve the cognitive, mental and physical development of our world’s future leaders – its youth.

Investing in one, two or more projects to elevate students’ potential changes the arc of their lives. We match dollars with can-do.  You provide the financial security and wherewithal, and our successive teams of volunteers, year after year, provide essential services by sharing their skills and expertise that often are not otherwise available in partnership with community leaders.

We catalyze collaborative efforts between volunteer, organizational and corporate partners for lasting, culturally appropriate impact.

Change the world for good through our long-term local projects.

“The first career I want to finish is physical therapy. I want to help out my community. I want to help other children. Because here, we need a lot of help. We must not only worry about what we have, but also try harder, apply ourselves, grow as people. Maybe I will study and also do an internship to learn more and give my best.”

“The volunteers help us care for children so mothers can find and keep their jobs and support their families.  At the same time, the volunteers are investing in the girls and boys who will grow up strong and confident.  They are the ones who are our future – our presidents, scientists and artists. Starting at the local level supporting children and mothers is how Global Volunteers’ programs secure our future.”

“One of my dreams was to go to college, to set foot on a college campus. I always wondered how this could be possible. For me, this was the best opportunity I’ve had in my life. Now I know I can truly make a difference in the world.  The ceiling is lifted.  My goal is not to be a burden to this world, but rather someone that contributes to my community and my country.”

“Global Volunteers always does a good job preparing their people before they go out, so that they are well-organized and well-focused when they are out in the field. They are definitely an organization that we look up to.”

Support Women and Girls

Worldwide, one in three women will experience physical or sexual abuse in her lifetime. Almost one in four adolescent girls aged 15–19 have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner or husband. The average unemployment rate of the world’s women is more than 10 percent, and can reach 75 percent in some countries.  In villages, towns and cities around the world, girls are disproportionately assigned to cooking, fetching water and firewood, and caring for children as compared to boys of the same age.

Our programs provide access to education, psycho-social support, proper nutrition, medical and family planning services, protection from infectious disease and opportunities for economic independence to girls and women, which helps protect them from gender-based violence, pregnancy, early marriage and homelessness. Funding these projects changes the future for half the world’s population.

Women and girls can transform the world.  Help us raise their lifelong potential.

“When I learned English from the Global Volunteers, I was able to work as a massage therapist.  No longer is my blindness an obstacle to a happy, productive life.  I now am a professional therapist at Omamori Spa in Hanoi, pay my own bills, enjoy improving other people’s health, and contribute to society.  I dreams for the future. From the bottom of my heart, I really hope this project will reach more blind and visually impaired young people like me.”

“When my sister and I left our home in Ukraine at the beginning of the war, I didn’t know what would become of us.  In Poland, Global Volunteers received us with warmth, compassion and hope for our futures. Working and learning the Polish language are my main goals at the moment. I consider myself as a lucky person to be able to work for Global Volunteers now. This job saved me from deep depression and the constant anxiety so I could get back to normal life.”

“I was shocked by the brutal abuse of women worldwide and their hidden secrets, and it saddened me to see a society that didn’t care very much about this phenomenon. Global Volunteers lightens my heart with their compassion. They provide flawless cooperation in our partnership to serve women and children. We know our “little Angels,” eagerly await teams of Global Volunteers with enthusiasm – people who are ready to open their hearts and share their love.”

“Global Volunteers has helped me a lot.  More than I ever thought possible. The volunteers are always patient when they teach us.  They share their skills with us, without bias. They show us that girls can accomplish anything if they try hard. They tell us we have a right to rise to great heights just like the men in the world.  They always treat us nicely. I believe a person learns more that way.”