Volunteer in Greece

Be the Change. Be a Global Volunteer in Greece.

You’re a role model for youth!

Help them reach their full potential in classrooms and caring shelters. Teach English – the international language of commerce and opportunity and demonstrate service – the international expression of peace, friendship and respect. Support mothers, children and refugees in social service programs. In exchange, you can gain a personal understanding of the pride and vitality of the people behind an ancient culture, cretan hospitality, engaging customs and spell-binding coastal and mountain vistas where we’ve worked since 1996.

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Volunteer on Greece’s largest island, Crete, in the Mediterranean Sea.

Volunteer in Crete, Greece

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Genuine development projects to help children thrive. Exceptional service-learning for families, groups and individuals.

“Global Volunteers are priceless….It is not just the work they do within the community; it is also the broader impact they have on our children, teaching them that they too can become volunteers within our community”

“I’ve learned more conversational English tips from these volunteers over the past two weeks than I ever did during my years at college.”

“If people of all cultures could get together on a Global Volunteer program, we might not have to listen to jet fighters outside our homes anymore.”

“I just wanted to thank you for giving me and my students the opportunity to interact with such wonderful and interesting people for the past 6 years. My students always look forward to Global Volunteers teaching in our classrooms, and it’s such a great experience for all of us.”

“My students get so excited every time they come that they can hardly contain themselves. They get to meet and interact with real people who come from much different cultural backgrounds and upbringing. For most of the students it is the first time they get to speak and spend time with foreigners. They get to look through “ a window” and find out about places far from their hometown or village. There are so many things out there waiting to be discovered.”

“I never really felt like a tourist or even an outsider in Crete. Everywhere I went, I was welcomed and felt as if I belonged. It’s hard to imagine getting to know a place so well any other way. I learned that the world is a lot smaller than I had imagined.”

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