While we monitor travel restrictions to Nepal, we’re accepting registrations for the first programs in 2021 and 22.

Volunteer in Nepal

Be the Change. Be a Global Volunteer in Nepal.

Help impoverished children reach their full potential.

As a volunteer in Nepal, you’ll help youth and adults overcome the destruction and widespread poverty resulting from the 2015 earthquake.  In Kathmandu’s valley – at an altitude lower than Denver – you can contribute your skills towards the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Teach conversational English, help repair living and learning spaces and provide support and training to marginalized women.  Review a standard volunteer work schedule.

Get Started in Nepal

Volunteer in the shadow of the Himalayas.

“Nepal is an amazing country filled with amazing people. A warmer and more friendly people you will not find anywhere on the planet.”

“Volunteers can make a significant difference in the arc of Nepal’s children’s lives. What’s more, they’ll fall in love with these beautiful dark-eyed, bright-smiling children. ”

“English is the international language of opportunity.That truth is remarkably relevant in Nepal. “

Volunteer Voices: Read and Hear About Serving in Nepal.

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