Volunteer in Nepal

Serve in Kathmandu! In a deep valley at an altitude lower than Denver, yet surrounded by soaring mountains, the friendly and resilient Nepali people welcome you warmly. The 2015 earthquakes that devastated Nepal’s infrastructure also deepened the widespread poverty that persists today. You’re a link to a promising future. As a short-term volunteer, you can teach conversational English and business management, help repair living and learning spaces, provide support and training to marginalized women, and nurture impoverished children.


    If you have a background in business law, finance, banking, marketing, sales, human resources, manufacturing, retail, money management, or any other area of business, you are needed to help college students at Shivapuri Business College gain a broader and deeper understanding of their chosen profession. Offer lectures, seminars, workshops or case studies. Or, simply engage the students in conversation about your area of expertise.  Stories of your business or management experience provide real-life context and greatly enhance these students education and futures.


    If you’re handy with tools, and you enjoy physical activity, you’re needed for general maintenance work in schools and child care centers. Work alongside Nepali laborers and help brighten a classroom, fix a sink or toilet, or repair classroom furniture. Enjoy the friendship of your Nepali colleagues and help make life just a little bit better for deserving children.

  • Support Gender Equality

    ASTHA Women’s School is an academy for women who could not complete their school education when they were young. Now being adults and most of them married and with children, they have a desire to complete their school education. Volunteers are needed to teach subjects related to women and children’s health, science, English language, basic computer skills, nutrition, child development, personal hygiene, and share cooking recipes in English.


    Fourteen individual Kathmandu schools – primary, secondary and colleges – have invited Global Volunteers to help their students learn and improve English language skills. If you are a native English speaker, you can provide a valuable service to youth and adults. From small groups of five to classrooms of 50, you bring to students an understanding of this international language that Nepali English teachers acknowledge they cannot do. These kids want to learn; they want a better life for themselves and their families. One or two weeks of your time will enhance these children’s lives because fluency in English increases their employment opportunities.  In just a short time, you can help students of all ages on their journey toward achieving their educational and career goals.

  • Childcare

    Children the world over want and need love, nurturing, and attention.  Many needy children, even those who receive the best of care, often do not have the opportunity to receive enough of any of these.  You can help!  You can embrace and befriend a needy child.  Assist with their after-school homework, and discuss their hopes and dreams as you help improve their English skills.  We work with children for an hour or two after school and all day on holidays when schools are not in session. Encourage, mentor, stimulate and teach music, dance and crafts.  Enjoy the embrace that only a child can give.

Program Snapshot:

Volunteer in Nepal

1 or 2 weeks year-round

Tax-deductible Contributions From:
$1,962* – $2,695

* with qualifying discounts.

Local time:

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FAQs: How to Volunteer in Nepal

Food and Lodging

Your safety when volunteering in Nepal is our highest priority. Team lodging is in a secure, new and comfortable hotel in the Thamel tourist district of Kathmandu. The guest rooms are double-occupancy with private bathrooms, showers, hot and cold running water, wi-fi, LED televisions,  safety deposit boxes and refrigerators. There is also a health and wellness spa at the hotel.

  • Available wi-fi
  • Onsite restaurant
  • In-room refrigerator
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Single rooms available for an extra fee

The team breakfast is at the hotel.  Lunch is at local restaurants near the service project sites. Dinners are at restaurants near the hotel serving authentic Nepali and Chinese cuisine. Pizza and other Western foods are also offered, but with a Nepali touch. Vegetarian diets can generally be accommodated. Purified or bottled water is provided.

“Nepal is an amazing country filled with amazing people. A warmer and more friendly people you will not find anywhere on the planet.”

“Volunteers can make a significant difference in the arc of Nepal’s children’s lives. What’s more, they’ll fall in love with these beautiful dark-eyed, bright-smiling children. ”

“English is the international language of opportunity.That truth is remarkably relevant in Nepal. “

Be The Change.

Volunteering in Nepal gives you a broad perspective on the resiliency of the human spirit. Through daily assignments, cultural activities and time for personal adventures, you’ll learn about Kathmandu and remain forever invested. Our time-tested and proven philosophy of service ensures your personal efforts help advance local people’s development vision and goals. Long-term community projects enable you, in just a short time, to serve as a critical link in a chain of continuous volunteering in Nepal.

Single Room Fees and Availability