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Help children and mothers break away from poverty.

As a volunteer in St. Lucia, you’re needed to tutor and mentor students of all ages in Anse la Raye’s classrooms and preschools. Encourage and support local people making a difference. Contribute to our legacy of service since 2012 on this island nation of crystal-blue bays, sand beaches and life-limiting poverty.

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Serve on a sparkling Caribbean island.

Volunteer in Anse La Raye, St Lucia

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“It’s very encouraging to see how engaged and curious the children are. Not only do they listen when we talk with them, but they ask questions that show they are thinking and processing what is said.”

“The people in the village, although they have little, provide the best they can within their means. I do believe (they) understand the unselfish goals of Global Volunteers, and respect us for our work and commitment.”

“It was extremely rewarding and even more exciting than what I expected. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had.”

“I believe this hard-working team of doctors, nurses, teachers, farmers and other team members – many retired and some still working full time – did leave a mark on the map in tiny St. Lucia.”

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Welcome to beautiful St. Lucia!”