Volunteer Abroad Discounts

Volunteers make all the difference on community projects! We offer volunteer abroad discounts, credits and fundraising assistance to make it easier for you to serve.  Your service program contribution is tax-deductible, and reflects our actual costs to engage you in genuine service.

Service Program Discounts

Team Starter: Receive a $233 discount (one per family or group) for registering six months (180 days) in advance for international programs. Register early and help us confirm our commitment to the communities we serve.

Groups: Discounts available for groups of 10 or more serving together. Read more details about group discounts.

Companions: Receive a $200 discount on your volunteer abroad program or $50 on programs in the USA for each first-time volunteer companion (paying the standard contribution) who joins you.  Families qualify and there is no limit on the companion discount, but it’s not available with the student discount.

Alumni Volunteers: After you have volunteered the first time, you qualify for a $200 volunteer abroad discount on every international program, and a $50 discount on USA programs. This may be combined with the Companion/Family Discount and Team Starter Discount. More on our Alumni Program.

Full-time students: We encourage life-long volunteering, and hope you will start while you are in school. Receive a $200 discount on international and $50 on USA programs. Provide a photocopy of your current student I.D. card and fee statement.  Can only be combined with the Team Starter discount.

Children 12 and Under: Volunteer with your family! One child (ages 6-12), traveling with one adult paying the standard service program contribution, pays 60% of the standard service program contribution.  The under 13 discount applies for all programs except USA and Poland summer camps. Children must meet minimum age requirements. Cannot be combined with any other discount.

Volunteer Abroad Credits and Fundraising

Volunteer Referral Credit: Earn a $100 credit toward your next volunteer abroad or USA program for each individual (not already in our database) you refer to us who volunteers. There’s no limit to the number of volunteers you may refer. Submit referrals to get started!

Fundraising your contribution: Engage friends, family members and colleagues in your service through “social fundraising.” Join hundreds of our volunteers who raise all or part of their program contribution and travel costs by starting your own fundraising initiative. You can do this!  Even if you’ve never raised funds before, your personalized fundraising webpage makes your appeal. Encourage others to contribute to an important project. This isn’t just for students!  You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to donate to your effort. Contact your Volunteer Coordinator today to get started.

Read our Fundraising Terms and Conditions.

Matching Gifts and Scholarships

Matching Gifts: Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Some provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours. Most of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and some will even double or triple the amount of your gift! Matching gifts can either be a donation to Global Volunteers, or used towards your service program contribution. Search HEPdata matching gift database below:

Scholarships: Many scholarships are offered by foundations and other third parties for volunteer service with a 501 ©(3) NGO. Research these opportunities online or in foundation directories. One source is Fast Web.

The Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation: awards funds for participants in programs that enhance international understanding and friendship.

Hosteling International offers $2,000  to individuals ages 18-30 for service and educational travel internationally and in the U.S.

“Global Volunteers always does a good job preparing their people before they go out, so that they are well-organized and well-focused when they are out in the field. They are definitely an organization that we look up to.”

David MinichDirector of Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village work camp program

“Global Volunteers was one of about a dozen NGOs I researched. We chose Global Volunteers because they supplied excellent information, and we liked the fact that all projects are in partnership with local people.

Judi LeesSt. Lucia, Peru and India Volunteer