Teach English in Sicily

Be the Change. Be a Global Volunteer in Sicily.

Help establish a formative relationship.

We’ve taught conversational English in Italian classrooms and small groups as L’amico preferitos” (“favorite friends”) since 1995.  Now our partnership takes us to Castelvetrano, Sicily near the southwestern coast of the island, in the province of Trapani. No previous teaching experience is required.

Get Started in Italy

Volunteer on Italy’s largest Mediterranean island.

Local time in Sicily:

Required Mobility Level:

“Every day brought something new.  I believe we cooperatively made a difference in spreading goodwill from the USA.  Small steps are invaluable to peace.”

“Peace starts with a relationship and Global Volunteers seek to do just that: build relationships. And with the small steps we are taking to do this worldwide, the idea of peace with other countries seems closer than we think.”  

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