New Sicily Program Welcomes Volunteers

Teach conversational English in Sicily! Volunteers have served in Italian classrooms and small groups as L’amico preferitos” (“favorite friends”) since 1995.  Now in partnership with the municipal government of Castelvetrano, Sicily, we’re extending volunteer assistance to students of all ages.  You can help teens and young adults to gain new skills and improve their career opportunities. Register for one of the first four service programs now.

Castelvetrano is located near the south western coast of Sicily, about a one-hour drive from Palermo, in the province of Trapani. The city has a population of roughly 31,000 residents and is famous for its olives and olive oil, cobbled streets, narrow passage ways, and unique architecture reminiscent of the past.

FAQs: How to Serve in Sicily

  • No Professional Experience Necessary!

    English has become the language of commerce, technology and opportunity worldwide. Especially in times of economic distress, Sicilian students crave the opportunity to learn American English (the language of the internet) from native speakers to enhance their educational and employment opportunities. On a typical day, you create your own lesson plans from standard curriculum texts and our Conversational English Teaching Guide, engaging small groups of students in games and diverse interactive activities. In practice conversations, you may discuss North American culture, history, daily lifestyle, sports, and school systems. You might team teach, work one-on-one, or conduct classes on your own – depending on your style and comfort level.

Program Snapshot: Sicily

1 & 2 week programs

$2562* – $2995

* with qualifying discounts.

Projects Include:
Teaching English

Local time: