Is a Volunteer Vacation Right for Me?

What Can I Do on a Volunteer Vacation?

Simply, as a short-term volunteer, you help children thrive.  You contribute to health, nutrition and education projects. You nurture babies, tutor homeless children, help students study, model proper hand washing, help plant and maintain school gardens, teach English, help provide clean water, paint dormitories, help supply safe cooking stoves, promote girls’ education, provide psycho-social support and much, much more.

Doubting your volunteer vacation makes a difference?  Don’t.  You’re an essential link in a long chain of those who have come before, and will follow, to ensure long-term development support. In fact, we helped set the standard for short-term international service in 1984 – and made these opportunities accessible to the “average” volunteer.

“One of the best things about a Global Volunteers program is that you can be dropped into a setting in another part of the world for just a few weeks. Things are already set in motion, and you pick up where the last team left off. Being part of one team in a series, part of a long-term commitment served by many teams, I realized that my volunteer vacation was part of something much bigger. It was perfect for me because I only get a few weeks’ vacation each year. And yet, it was one of the most thrilling and rewarding things I have ever done.”
~ Jim Hausler, Tanzania Volunteer

Who Serves on a Volunteer Vacation?

People of all ages and from all walks of life are valuable resources on our volunteer vacations. Couples, retirees, students, working professionals, families, individuals and groups all join Global Volunteers service programs. Teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, doctors, nurses, bankers, homemakers, lawyers, administrators and all have much to share, and help form strong teams. Volunteers routinely report that the team dynamic is one of the most satisfying aspects of our program. More than 30 percent of our volunteers join future teams... either within the same host community, or on a different service program. Some 40 percent of volunteers have served on three teams or more; and more than 20 percent have joined more than five teams. Some volunteers have served more than 30 times!  Join like-minded, flexible and compassionate people from all over the world on a volunteer vacation of your choice.

How do I Join a Volunteer Vacation?

Depending on your appetite for challenge and adventure, your volunteer vacation can be close to home, or in a community remote and unseen by conventional tourists. And, you can choose between rugged, physically-challenging environments or the familiarity of a classroom and comfortable hotel in a small town or urban setting.

Each service program has individual requirements. Because of the diversity of essential services projects, you can normally employ your professional or avocational skills on a service project.  We encourage families to serve together on a volunteer vacation. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and submit a minor application. Our volunteer coordinators will work with you to choose a volunteer vacation best suited to your interest, skills and abilities.  Or you can register online here.

Call 800-487-1074, chat with us online, or send us a note on the contact form below.  We can’t wait to work with you!

“I believe in spending the gift of time well, so when I heard about Global Volunteers, it seemed my love of travel and my wish to help others were perfectly matched.”

Amelia Stovall8-time Global Volunteer

“Global Volunteers always does a good job preparing their people before they go out, so that they are well-organized and well-focused when they are out in the field. They are definitely an organization that we look up to.”

David MinichDirector of Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village work camp program

“Global Volunteers was one of about a dozen NGOs I researched. We chose Global Volunteers because they supplied excellent information, and we liked the fact that all projects are in partnership with local people.

Judi LeesSt. Lucia, Peru and India Volunteer

“My best life-changing experiences are with Global Volunteers.”

Veronica MontemaranoAlumni Global Volunteer

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