Service Program Registration: Get Started On Your Journey

Thank you for deciding to join us in Siedlce, Poland.

You practice English pronunciation, vocabulary, phrases and idioms in classrooms with elementary and middle school students during the school year in Siedlce, Cisie-Zagrudzie, Grala-Dabrowizna, Strzała or Kotun. You emphasize “real-life” speaking skills using the Global Volunteers English Teaching Guide as a resource — no previous teaching experience necessary. Employ your creativity, energy and motivation to make a lasting difference in Poland – and invest in a model of European resiliency and progress.

Special projects will also be available for this team to support the local community. TBD by Community Partners and coordinated by Poland Country Manager.

Sandy Hickey, your group coordinator, will send you information about the final payments and how to process those.

Our volunteer preparation team will provide you additional information as you prepare for your service program. They also will advise you about information they need from you.


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