Student Volunteers: Choose your journey today!  Text us your volunteer program questions.

Give back to the world and bring back a world of understanding. Apply your academic training, creativity and compassion to meaningful student volunteer programs. Join with friends, classmates, faculty and colleagues in an active volunteer adventure!  In just one to three weeks, you gain on-the-ground experience and understanding in genuine development work – directly serving youth and families. Are you coordinating a student group? Learn about options for educators, administrators and group coordinators here.

We’ve worked with over 100 academic institutions to engage high school, college and alumni groups in measurable and effective service-learning and for-credit opportunities. Partnering with a vast number of institutions such as the University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Office, we meet study abroad criteria. Learn more about LGBT student service opportunities to give back!

Spring break, J-term, summer vacation or gap year. Our long-term community service projects complement your college/university or high school curricula, and significantly enhance your global perspective.  We’ll certify your volunteer service hours so your student group can meet study abroad, service-learning or class requirements. Academic credit can often be earned through independent study and research. Don’t just meet your requirements; exceed your expectations.

Be The Change. Be a Global Volunteer.

Change lives – yours and those you serve.  Teach conversational English, math, and other classroom subjects. Care for vulnerable and at-risk children in children’s homes and orphanages. Help construct and repair classrooms, community centers, and health clinics. Provide nutrition and health-care education and so much more. Through all, you witness the cultural sensitivity and global vision of comprehensive, sustainable development.  This is service.  Seriously.

We support and prepare student volunteers

  • Professional in-country staff and partners

  • On-site orientation and team-building sessions

  • 24-hour emergency phone contact

  • Emergency medical evacuation insurance

  • Volunteer fundraising assistance

  • Professional skills and work project interest questionnaire

  • Program summary materials and reading lists

  • Conversational English Teaching Guide

  • Global Volunteering Manual

  • Essential Services Prospectus

  • Language and cultural introductions

  • Hotel lodging in most partner communities

Fundraising, Discounts and Credits: We offer generous discounts and fundraising assistance to student volunteers:

College and University Student Volunteers

college students assist labor projects in Tanzania

College and University Student Volunteers: Apply your academic training on projects to help local parents and organizations in our partner communities deliver one or more of these 12 essential services:

  • Eradicating Hunger (1. School & Household Gardens, 2. Child Nutrition, 3. Micro-nutrient Supplementation, 4. Fuel Efficient Stoves)
  • Improving Health (5. Hygiene, Health and Nutrition Education, 6. Malaria and Dengue Fever Prevention, 7. De-worming, 8. HIV/AIDS Prevention)
  • Enhancing Cognition (9. General Education, 10. Girls’ Education, 11. Potable Water and Sanitation Facilities, 12. Psycho-social Support).

Nearly every undergraduate and graduate discipline is fully utilized for one, two or three weeks (longer in some countries by arrangement) under the direction of local community partners.  Call, email or chat with us today – for information on the many ways your skills are needed.

High School Student Volunteers

High School Volunteer Abroad Opportunities: We’re a recognized leader in secure and engaging high school service-learning.  In over three decades, cooperating with hundreds of community development organizations worldwide, our safety record and itineraries are rated as among the best.  For instance, Our “Students as Teachers” (SAT) program enables high school student volunteers to share their English language skills with students abroad who need to improve theirs.  As the international language of commerce, technology and opportunity, English can be a passport out of poverty for children in developing communities. But their English teachers know English only as a second language. Guided by our team leaders and our proprietary Conversational English Teaching Guide, high school volunteers help with pronunciation, idioms, and the like through conversations, games, songs, skits, and other classroom activities. With lesson plans and exercises,  student volunteers can “teach like pros” in countries such as Cuba, Greece, Peru and Poland.

Other service-learning opportunities are tutoring students in math and science, reading to pre-schoolers, nurturing babies, playing with toddlers, and helping with a wide array of labor projects in Costa Rica, as well as Cuba, Ecuador, Romania, St. Lucia and the USA.  If you and your student have the ambition, we have the projects!

high school group teach English in India

Group Coordinators and School Administrators

Students work together in Costa Rica

Student Group Coordinators: Through volunteer assignments, educational activities and cultural learning,  we take care of the logistics, so your students can gain life-long skills in our outcome-based service-learning programs.

Service Learning: Our programs offer your students genuine opportunities to work with and learn from and about local people. Whether it’s helping deliver the UN-prescribed 12 essential services, or teaching conversational English, your students will make a difference in the lives of the children they serve as well as their own.

Dates: Join one of our standard, regularly scheduled programs, or propose program dates to meet your academic needs. You can request an exclusive group program or serve with other volunteers.

One free: We waive the service program fee for one faculty/staff coordinator with each intact group of 10 students.

Group discounts: Your students can add a discount to the standard student discount on most programs.

Flight arrangements: Our air travel partner, AST Travel, can make all flight arrangements at competitive rates.

Logistics: All meals, lodging, ground transportation, orientation to the community, community work project assignments, and safety and security measures are managed by our staff. Our country manager and/or team leader guides your group every day – except during your selected free-time activities.

Call a Global Volunteers Coordinator to Arrange Your Student Group:  800-487-1074

“We experienced more than I ever thought we could in one week. This is a great way for a group to get to know another culture. I have visited a number of reservations over the years and have worked with people on a number of them. These have been among the most meaningful and beneficial experiences in my life.” 

Gary SandefurProfessor of Sociology, UW Madison Member, Chickasaw Nation

“I realized how my contribution made up a piece of the relationship between the United States and India … and how, when combined with other (volunteers) it’s very influential. This experience gave me a unique and unparalleled educational growth, especially at such a formative point in my life. It definitely will affect my future career plans.”

Sara MarleyIndia student volunteer

“This experience reiterated the importance of service in my life. I now look into traveling that includes volunteering. I hope to bring more college students on Global Volunteers programs. If more people took the time to understand each other’s perspectives, before voicing their own, the world might be a bit more friendly.”

Christy Heaton Associate Director for Orientation and First Year Student Success, University of New Orleans

“Since my Global Volunteers program in Tanzania, I have given talks on the experience throughout the world highlighting the positive contributions your organizations makes.  Thank you for all you and Global Volunteers is doing.”

John AlsupProfessor, Black Hills State University

“It was one of the best weeks of my life. I really enjoyed learning about the Blackfeet culture and getting to know the people. I was happy to help out in the community wherever I was needed, and could not have asked for a better team. I hope to participate in more Global Volunteers trips in my future. My program was amazing!”

Ally ShatzMontana student volunteer

“The program allowed me to re-assess what’s truly important. I taught children who barely had clothes covering their bodies who were happy and laughing. Their smiles were the largest things about them. A warm smile truly transcends any language barriers and creates memories that linger long after the experience has ended.”

Dana Starace-NastasiTanzania volunteer

“This week has been a gift to me. The people I’ve met and gotten to know are a gift to me. I can only say thank you. The things that we are capable of doing for other people shouldn’t be done simply because we feel we should be good, or we feel we should ‘give back.’ It seems to me that everyone here is creating a world of good simply by living outside of their boxes.”

Hannah Baker-SirotyMontana student volunteer