Your gift changes a child’s future.

When you donate to the Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) Program, you are giving a child the opportunity for a bright and fulfilling future. Because of your generous support, Global Volunteers can continue the life-changing work being done in rural Tanzania to support mothers and their young children. Gifts to the RCP Program support the vital medical staff and caregivers, provide nourishing and sustainable food programs for families, and fund educational programming for adults and children alike.

We cannot do this without you. Your gift makes a world of difference to families struggling with malnutrition and poor health. Thank you for helping children and their families grow and thrive!

Please call Angie at (651) 407-6112 or Kristin at (651) 407-6117 to make your donation over the phone.

About the RCP Program

The RCP Program is a child-focused, parent-driven, family-centered, and community-led comprehensive effort to eradicate hunger, improve health, and enhance cognition with the goal of eliminating childhood stunting in rural Tanzania. Through the RCP Program, families access the nutrition, health care, knowledge, technology, and encouragement needed to combat stunting and ensure their children can realize their full potential.

Global Volunteers is dedicated to using your donation to help improve children’s nutrition and health. A portion of all funds raised is used to manage the RCP program. Thank you!

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