Special Message from CEO, Bud Philbrook:

More than 2.5 million Ukrainian children and their families have been uprooted, fleeing to neighboring countries.  Mostly women, children, and elderly men, the situation is dire and devastating.

As an organization that is built on the bedrock of waging peace and promoting justice, I want to acknowledge the fear, suffering and turmoil this terrible war has caused the Ukrainian people. We see you; we hear you; and we stand with you.

We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian men & women who are trying to protect their homeland; the innocent mothers and children who left everything to seek safety in neighboring countries; and our Polish colleagues in Siedlce who are working tirelessly to assist Ukrainian refugees.

We continue to be in frequent communication with our partners in Siedlce county, Poland as the situation evolves and remain dedicated to serving the community the best way possible.  If the opportunity arises and the local community partners request that we send the volunteers to help with this situation, then we will let you know.