Colorado School of Mines

The Humanitarian Engineering program at the Colorado School of Mines brings together engineering and social science professors to transform engineering by changing the ways engineers are taught to think, define, and solve problems. They train engineers to serve communities co-creating socially responsible, just and sustainable solutions. They offer two undergraduate minors, empower faculty to transform their teaching, bring world class speakers to Mines, and conduct research that addresses some of the biggest challenges facing engineers.

In phase one of this budding partnership and as part of the interdisciplinary Humanitarian Engineering program, students from the Projects for People class examined, analyzed, and proposed solutions to a few of the challenges Global Volunteers is facing in Ipalamwa, Tanzania as part of the Reaching Children’s Potential Demonstration Project. Groups got a peek into what it takes to think like an engineer in a place where there are limited resources, underdeveloped infrastructure, and inadequate support.

Colorado School of Mines will be looking at service, capstone projects, and more classroom work as part of this collaboration.