Service Programs Resume Through 2022 – Register Now.

UPDATED November 19, 2021


In light of updated travel guidelines by the CDC, we have resumed many of our service programs through 2022. Our staff is available to respond to questions and to accept your registrations now.

Our “cautious and conscientious” approach in scheduling volunteers to return to our partner communities has enabled us to resume work throughout 2021. Our primary concern is protecting the health and safety of our generous volunteers and the local children and families we serve. Partner communities have vaccination requirements as noted below. Some countries may allow unvaccinated children under 12 to accompany their vaccinated parents. U.S. citizens considering traveling abroad should review the US State Department Travel Advisory for their destination(s).

  • Volunteer plays duck, duck, goose poland
    Projects are teaching English language skills to youth at outdoor summer camps and in classrooms during the 2021-22 school year.  Refer to our Poland Service Program page for more information.  All volunteers must be vaccinated. Refer to Polish government COVID-19 entry requirements here and here.
  • Balckfeet people montana
    USA/Blackfeet Reservation:
    Engage in community projects with children, adults, artists, clergy, natural healers, tribal leaders – a wide swath of Blackfeet society. Mentor children in summer recreational activities, visit elders and help local people with projects to improve their quality of life  – such as painting and repairing community buildings. Read details on our Montana Service Program page.  All volunteers must be vaccinated.
  • Welcome to West Virginia
    Projects are helping to rehabilitate dilapidated and energy inefficient homes, classrooms and community buildings, helping teens and young adults study for their GED tests, and guiding children in summer enrichment programs. See work project descriptions on our West Virginia Service Program page.  All volunteers must be vaccinated.
  • International community development
    Projects in our Reaching Children’s Potential Program are offering nutrition and healthcare workshops, providing direct care to moms and babies, and teaching English, science and math in primary and secondary school classrooms. Refer to our Tanzania Service Program page for more information. All volunteers must be vaccinated. Tanzania government COVID-19 entry requirements here.
  • peru daily volunteering schedule
    Peru, Sagrada Familia:
    Projects are teaching conversational English, math and science in classrooms, assisting doctors and dentists in the medical clinic, caring for infants and toddlers, and helping build and repair campus buildings. Read details on our Peru Service Program page. All volunteers must be vaccinated.  Refer to Peruvian government COVID-19 entry requirements here.
  • Global Volunteer in Portugal
    Projects are teaching English skills to students in primary, secondary and post-secondary schools with Portuguese English teachers and teammates in Beja. Visit our Portugal Service Program page for more information.  All volunteers must be vaccinated. Refer to Portugal government COVID-19 entry requirements here.
  • Sicily: New program in 2021
    The municipal government of Castelvetrano, Sicily has invited Global Volunteers to provide English language assistance to students of all ages in classrooms and small groups. You can help teens and young adults to gain new skills and improve their career opportunities – learn more on our Italy service program page. All volunteers must be vaccinated.  Refer to government COVID-19 entry requirements here.
  • Ecuador: Program Resumes on January 8
    Help create and maintain safe, colorful spaces for toddlers and children aged 1 to 4. Work alongside dedicated parents and community partners on maintenance projects on two early childhood development centers in great need of fresh coats of paint and renovation. Learn more on our Ecuador service program page. All volunteers must be vaccinated.  Refer to government COVID-19 entry requirements here.
  • San Juan, Texas: New program in 2021
    Lend your hands and spirit to projects improving living conditions for migrant farm workers and new immigrants through exemplary housing and social services programs.  Volunteer assignments depend on skill level, but may include helping to build new homes, providing childcare, serving meals, sorting/issuing clothes, helping with paperwork and door-to-door canvassing. Learn more on our Texas service program page. All volunteers must be vaccinated.
  • St. Lucia: Program Resumes on January 15
    Mentor children, support mothers and help improve community buildings.  Childcare, labor and tutoring projects in St. Lucia are “family friendly” projects throughout the year.  Groups of all sizes and compositions can contribute their skills and interests to direct, hands-on projects with multi-year impacts. Learn more on our St. Lucia service program page. All volunteers must be vaccinated.
  • Nepal: Program Resumes on February 12, 2022
    Teach children of all ages, tutor adult students, support women and build friendships in Kathmandu. Because of the wide variety of volunteer projects, every member of your group and family can apply their unique skills and interests in meaningful service. Learn more about our Nepal Service Program here.  Volunteers must be vaccinated.
  • Beach in Crete
    Greece: Program Resumes on March 19, 2022
    Teach English to youth in classrooms and nurture young girls and boys at a newly opened home for displaced and neglected children. You might also help paint and “spruce up” community facilities, and plant, weed and harvest a “kitchen” garden used to augment at-risk families’ diets. All volunteers must be vaccinated.  Learn more about our Greece Service Program here. Read Greece Covid restrictions and entry requirements here.

These programs will open on a rolling basis in 2022. Please contact us to receive updates:

Global Volunteers’ Considerations for Resuming Service Programs in the U.S. and Abroad

In collaboration with our local community partners, and in response to volunteer surveys, focus groups and personal conversations, we began opening programs in 2021 according to health and travel guidance and advisories from trusted authorities including the US State Department, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization with these contingencies:


  • Community partners’ requests for program resumption
  • U.S. State Department travel advisory level for each country
  • The host country’s entry status and quarantine rules
  • Local government health and safety regulations
  • The partner community’s ability to adhere to COVID-19 protocols
  •  Logistical arrangements, such as lodging, meals and transportation. Note: Because all volunteers will be vaccinated for COVID-19, social distancing is not required among volunteers but is encouraged.
  • Ability for volunteers to provide a genuine service within COVID-19 restrictions.

“The only concern I had about returning to Tanzania was how soon I could get there.”  Leslie Apony, 2-time Tanzania volunteer

“I just want to say that for, for me, the reason I began doing this in the first place was I wanted to give something back. What actually, I got out of it was the human connection.  And never more than this year, have I needed or wanted the human connection that I’ve gotten from this program every single time. I’m ready for that again.”  Ken Higgins, 4-time volunteer

“As soon as I saw the Peru Program was open, I registered myself, my son and my good friend to return and help the children recover from the effects of the pandemic.”  Casey Brooksby, 2-time Peru volunteer


First, all communities have asked that we send only fully vaccinated volunteers. Consequently, only those individuals who have been fully vaccinated may volunteer during this time.

Second, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) offers very specific guidelines for vaccinated individuals interacting with unvaccinated people. As the science about living alongside the virus evolves, the guidelines continue to change. Global Volunteers will follow the guidelines in place at the time of your service program.

Global Volunteers’ mantra is “safety trumps everything.” This means we do everything reasonable to create a safe environment for you and all volunteers. However, as is the case during all Global Volunteers service programs, each volunteer is responsible for their own safety and must likewise help protect the safety of their teammates and the local people. Global Volunteers will require all volunteers to comply with the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines and to honor and respect the local communities’ COVID-19 requirements. We ask you to bring your own hand sanitizer, masks, and other personal safety resources. Your team leader will have supplemental resources on site.

If a government (U.S. or host country) requires a COVID-19 test before departure, most international airlines are accommodating their passengers with these tests. Where airlines do not provide this service, Global Volunteers will assist volunteers in getting a test at a local facility. Each volunteer is responsible for their own expenses related to COVID-19 testing.

First, in all circumstances where a host country’s sudden actions would delay your returning home, Global Volunteers’ policy is to assist you in finding appropriate accommodations and help you rearrange your travel when possible. Any expenses you incur because of a quarantine or other conditions that impact your ability to return home are your responsibility.

Second, the U.S. government has never denied American travelers’ re-entry into the U.S., and there is no reason to believe that this policy may change now. However, if this is a serious concern for you, we recommend you postpone your service until a later date.

The CDC reports that it is extremely unlikely for a vaccinated person to contract or transmit COVID-19. However, if you or any volunteer shows COVID-19 symptoms, you will be referred and transported to a local medical facility. Because you are responsible for any medical costs incurred, we recommend you confirm with your health insurance company before leaving home that your medical expenses would be covered. We also recommend your purchase a supplemental travel medical insurance policy.

Volunteers who previously registered for a service program which was canceled due to COVID-19 and then transferred to a service program scheduled for 2021 or 2022, may apply their contributions to another service program beginning before December 31, 2023.

For all new registrations for service programs scheduled through June 2022, no fee will be charged to transfer to another service program beginning prior to December 31, 2023. The nonrefundable deposit and additional contributions (final payments) can be applied toward a service program beginning before December 31, 2023. All other terms and conditions included in the Service Program Registration and Agreement continue to pertain.

No. We don’t require additional medical or travel insurance; however, we always strongly recommend that each volunteer purchase such an insurance policy. Please read the fine print on these insurance policies because some policies include exceptions/exemptions for COVID-19.

Families have endured diminished resources during an extended period of stress. Your presence in partner communities is needed now more than ever.

women's cooperatives in Tanzania

We strive to wage peace and promote justice by connecting volunteers in meaningful and impactful service to children and their communities. Our work has continued during the pandemic through frequent online consultations with our U.S. and international staff – who now are in place to scale up our field operations as appropriate. Volunteers’ continued support has helped families and children endure the hardship of diminished resources during this extended period of stress.  Your presence in their communities is needed now more than ever.

On-Site Safety and Security Precautions During the Pandemic

In addition to our standard health and safety practices at all lodging and work sites, our local staff, partners and team leaders are taking these additional precautions to prepare for volunteers’ return:

Mandatory mask use and physical distancing

Face masks and physical distancing will be required at the work sites, according to local precautions.  Volunteers teaching conversational English should bring with them transparent masks, such as ClearMask which permit natural, empathetic communication and eliminates barriers of cloth masks. Physical distancing will be enforced during meals and team meetings.

Enhanced Sanitation

Soap and clean water for handwashing, and antibacterial spray and wipes are available at the lodging, dining and work sites.

Single Accomodation Option

Where possible, volunteers can purchase a single supplement (with options for rooming with members of your household).

Team Health Checks

The team leader routinely monitors the health status of team members. Any COVID-19 symptomatic volunteer will be isolated from the team and local people until they are evaluated by a healthcare professional.

Healthcare Facility Access

On all service programs, team leaders and volunteers are advised of the distance to, contact information of, and procedure for accessing nearby healthcare facilities. Additional instruction will be conducted during orientation and provided in volunteer preparation materials.

US Citizen Services Registration

Volunteers will be provided instructions for individual registration with the U.S. Embassy prior to departure from the US.

Call 651-407-6100 to speak to a service program expert!