University of Central Missouri – Global Vision Endowment

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of an anonymous alum, the University of Central Missouri Foundation developed the Global Vision Endowment. This summer outreach program, now coordinated by the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, sends a team of undergraduate students and a faculty advisor abroad to spend two weeks volunteering on community projects such as supporting youth and adults with special needs, teaching English to children from pre-school through high school, and supporting at-risk individuals needing special emotional support.

The students have a unique opportunity to learn about working with host partners on family service efforts with resourceful grass-roots agencies in a friendly and historically rich region. A minimum of one undergraduate student is selected from each of the four academic colleges. The Global Vision Endowment covers travel fees, lodging, and meals.Now celebrating 10 years of collaboration with Global Volunteers

  • The original plan was to send one student from each of the four academic colleges at UCM
  • 2015 – the donor decided to send 6 students (St. Lucia)
  • 2016 – the donor decided to send 9 students (Cuba trip #1)
  • 2017 – the donor decided to send 20 students (Cuba trip #2)
  • 2018 – in honor of the 10th anniversary of this partnership, the donor is sending 10 students to Tanzania
  • Since the program’s beginning, over 70 UCM students have benefited from this partnership with Global Volunteers