Syneos Health

A Unique Business Model Leads to a Unique Culture

At Syneos Health™ combines the best strategic brains in the biopharmaceutical industry with the latest technologies and the advantages of scale to create better, smarter and faster ways to bring biopharmaceutical products to market. Syneos’ cultural foundation is built on the attributes of collaboration, accountability, trust, innovation and most importantly, professional advancement for their people.

They are fighters of the status quo, keenly focused on evolving and pioneering best practices by working together across all disciplines, with clinical learning from commercial and commercial learning from clinical. They are intent on creating a smoother process because it is a better process. And sometimes even a faster one.

Syneos, through a unique lottery process, selects and sponsors a team of employees each year to serve on a program. They see these as ways to bring remote employees together, build stronger teams, and leave a legacy of giving.