Teamwork – Why it’s Essential on Global Volunteers’ Service Programs

You’ll quickly discover how serving on a Global Volunteers team can be one of the most significant experiences of your life.  A hallmark of teamwork on volunteer abroad programs is a cohesive group of volunteers who arrive together in the partner community and serve collaboratively.  Relying on more than three decades experience mobilizing more than 34,000 volunteers, we quickly enable you to settle into the partner community,  and draw on each other’s strengths and capabilities.


teamwork on volunteer abroad programs

Volunteer Craig Hilary enjoys a warm welcome from UTEC teacher Ricardo.

“I get a little nervous entering a group of strangers, especially in a foreign country. But after one week, when I looked around our table set up in the middle of our hotel courtyard, there was a feeling of family. We all came with different abilities and bytaking a leap of faith, we were able to engage students at all levels of English in long conversations and /or learning basic new vocabulary. By sharing our cultures in this way, the “strange” gave way to laughter and friendship. When students would go out of their way to come and say hello and chat, I knew why we had come here. The unknown became known in ways I could not have imagined.”
– Mexico and Costa Rica alumnus Craig Hilary

The work assignments are constructed for maximum interaction on site.  Working alongside mothers, students, teachers, caregivers, professionals, farmers and community leaders, you share your experiences with local people during the day. In the evening, you gain insights and a new view of the world over dinner or relaxing with your teammates.  By reflecting together, you discover the long-term value of teamwork on volunteer abroad programs – and your role in service. While your work assignment may not be the “quick fix” you crave, the sum of all the volunteers who have served before you and will follow is greater than any one team. Most often, teamwork brings about long-lasting change – in your life and those you serve.

Who Joins Global Volunteers Teams?

Groups and individuals, nonprofessionals and professionals, students and teachers, parents and children, young and mature all serve on our programs in the USA and abroad.  Together, they work under the direction of community leaders and hand-in-hand with local people. Regardless of your experience and taste for adventure, you join kindred spirits who share many attitudes and interests in common – such as flexibility, open-mindedness and cultural curiosity.

Volunteers are drawn from throughout the world, but mainly from the U.S., Canada and the U.K. We require no second language ability, previous international experience, or professional expertise to serve.  You just need to be willing to put yourself at the service of community leaders in the USA and abroad. Global Volunteers provides a relaxed, stimulating and cohesive volunteer experience in every country. Team members often share free-time together and plan weekend excursions.  You’ll return home with not only a new perspective on life, but quite often, with new life-long friends! Discover the intrinsic value of teamwork on volunteer abroad programs and in engaging communities in the USA!

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