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Volunteer in Appalachia

Be the Change. Be a Volunteer in Appalachia.

Volunteer in Appalachia with resilient youth and adults.

We’ve worked deep in the “hollers” – memorialized by American songwriters – since 1999. Contribute your time and skills in West Virginia’s “empowerment zones,” characterized by high poverty and low employment. Work one-on-one with children, teens and adults and share a world largely misunderstood by casual visitors. Review a standard volunteer work schedule .

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Serve in the heart of coal country.

Volunteer in West Virginia

“I definitely know more about the Appalachian culture now – how black and white populations mix, and how customs extend back through many generations. I developed an appreciation for the challenges local people face in order to get ahead.”

“When asking co-workers what volunteering means to them, I came up with the list of: educating, love, teaching experiences, useful, eager, caring, giving, generous, beneficial, humanitarian, free-hearted, and that they had fond memories of helping others, themselves, or of being helped by someone as a friend locally or abroad, but most of all, it is a service that is very needed in our communities.” 

“In this community, everyone looks out for one another. They’re more than just neighbors, they’re family. We as volunteers have helped each other, embraced our neighbors, learned new things, had fun, and most of all, we’ve made a difference. Our new goal is to continue making a difference.” 

Volunteer Voices: Read and Listen to the Stories and Songs of Appalachia

Take me home, country roads.