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Be the Change. Be a Global Volunteer in Vietnam.

Provide a passport out of poverty.

English is the language of commerce, technology and opportunity.  In Vietnam, English can make the difference between a sustained career and a life of poverty.  Teach English skills in classrooms, offices and small groups as a short-term volunteer in Vietnam. Growing out of rural community development projects in 1995, our Vietnam partnership helps propel youth and adults toward their educational and career goals. Be a part of positive change!  See Covid-19 requirements.

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Teach English skills in Hanoi!

Volunteer in Hanoi, Vietnam

“ Our experience with Global Volunteers has brought a breakthrough in designing activities to help us grow faster! I highly appreciate your strong support and recommendations so that we can organize activities in addition to English lessons. You come not only like friends, teachers, and colleagues, but also like angels with all enthusiasm, respect, and friendliness.”

“The Vietnamese seem to really like us. Their smiles are warm. Students are always eager to say hello to us. Suzanne and Katie are told that a student, a soon-to-be-bride would be honored to have them at her wedding. And Ben, a former soldier, is treated so well he wants to return and again help people he has come to love.”

“I would like to express my highest appreciation for your wonderful teaching, helping to improve greatly my colleagues’ pronunciation and presentation skills. We look forward to an even closer cooperation between VIDS and Global Volunteers.”

“Opening our doors to volunteers from America has been a great success for our students and our teachers, especially in a world where speaking and writing English is becoming increasingly important.”

“Overall, it’s an amazing experience. I love to see how eager the students are to learn English. They never get frustrated with their disability. Blindness never stopped them from being happy every day, from smiling and wanting so badly to learn and becoming more successful in their life. These all inspire me.”

“With the teachers in the front of the classroom, we truly felt we were part of a TEAM. Clearly, they’ve come to understand the value of working in partnership with us, so we were treated as welcome guests and valued resources. The students are bright – there is much pondering, repeating, laughing, trying again, and at times, singing!”

“Having said ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ my own way, one person at a time, I’m going home to America knowing that for me, the war in Vietnam and in myself is finally over.”

“Working with enthusiastic and energetic adolescent school children was a two-way learning experience and very satisfying. Teaching English,  playing word games and the ever-popular spoons, and a bit of sports was a lot of fun. The hotel was quite pleasant and perfectly located. The Vietnamese food was superb, and Hanoi had a number of sites worth seeing. This was my sixth Global Volunteers program, and it’s hard to pick which one I liked the best.”

Volunteer Voices: Read and Hear What Volunteers Say About Serving in Vietnam.

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