Do you yearn to make a difference in your own backyard – in a new culture in the USA?  Kristin, a West Virginia Global Volunteer, reflects on the value of serving in her home country:

“Although I live only one state away from West Virginia, it seemed like another world visiting a place so culturally and geographically different from my own. I enjoyed learning the history of the state, so rich in natural resources and yet often suffering devastating environmental disasters due to exploitation of these resources. The people are very proud of their homeland; many live in hollows (pronounced ‘hollers’ by the local people), which are small, isolated villages built in the narrow valleys between the steep mountains.

I shared a simple but comfortable dorm in one of these hollows with a group of 6 women. Our all female group ranged in age from 19 to 73. Our work experience included renovating houses with a group of local workers in a small  town nearby. In our time off, we enjoyed exploring our hollow, hiking to enjoy an incredible view of New River Gorge Bridge and getting our own personal concert from a local country singer.

The week passed by quickly and I look forward to another trip in 2016 (Cuba!) with Global Volunteers. This summer, I will be returning to West Virginia for a joint visit with one of the women I befriended on our trip.


Team Hike to the New River Gorge Bridge

Thank you for kind words and continued support, Kristin. We’re looking forward to seeing you again – in Cuba!

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