When Gila Cohen-Shaw turned 50, her gift to herself was a Global Volunteers service program in St. Lucia. Since then she has completed two service programs, in Ipalamwa, Tanzania and currently serves on the RCP (Reaching Children’s Potential) committee. Here she shares her reflections on her latest trip to Tanzania.  What motivated you to participate on a  Global Volunteers […]

young volunteer

Cassidy Richardson was always interested in International Studies, learning about different cultures and languages and helping others while learning and growing globally. It was when she turned 18, that she decided to get started, get out of the comfort of her home and volunteer. So this past September 18-year-old Cassidy joined our team in the Cook […]

Bill teaching with Global Volunteers in Hanoi, Vietnam

William (Bill) Laubenstein has been volunteering with Global Volunteers since 2007, serving, so far, in 7 different countries. Here he reflects on his travels to date. There is not just one story, or perhaps, it is just one story with many chapters, each service opportunity being a chapter.  Each of the seven countries I have […]

volunteer in South Dakota

Lisa Godek and her 13-year-old daughter, Chloe Fargo, are committed to helping others outside of work and school respectively. Their latest service trip was this past summer, in which they spent a week on the Native American Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota lending a hand to the native Lakota people through everyday tasks and creating a […]

“It’s another winters day in Ipalamwa or as I like to think of it, ‘Christmas Village in Tanzania.’

Retired professor and avid amateur photographer Dr. Candice Francis and her husband Mike like to combine service work with their travels for pleasure. To celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary this year they traveled to Ipalamwa, Tanzania to take part in the RCP (Reaching Children’s Potential) project. Here Candice shares her thoughts with her excerpt from […]

students in Romania

With an interest in Eastern European countries and the will to contribute where help is needed Nancy Haga, volunteered in Barlad, Romania this past May. Nancy  taught at the middle school students of different ages using various techniques to keep them focused, interested and made all her classes worthy to attend. She was very energetic, […]

Mary's volunteer experience in Tanzania

Retired special education teacher Mary Rowlette said she learned in the rural village of Ipalamwa that we’re all more alike than different. Her personal goal, she said was to learn, observe, support others and make a difference on her volunteer experience in Tanzania in July 2018.  Read on for her interview:  Mary, tell us about […]

active retirement

“A healthy mind in a healthy body” was an ideal first advanced by the ancient Greeks as a prescription for living wisely. Staying active physically and mentally in retirement is mentioned by many of our volunteers as a reason for service. In an online interview, five-time Global Volunteer Elsa Boykin, says volunteering enhances her well-being […]

Volunteering in Poland

Linda Noonan says teaching English to children as a volunteer abroad was an opportunity to fulfill a long-time dream.  But, it wasn’t without a bit of anxiety as well!  As a retired teacher from Illinois, she knew her knowledge and education were top-notch qualifications.  Yet, teaching  students in a Mexican classroom was initially daunting on […]

Team #172 to Ecuador had the opportunity to visit the home of a child served at an early childhood development center in Calderón, on the northeastern-most border of the sprawling capital city of Quito nestled high in the Andes Mountains. The two centers where Global Volunteers partners in Calderón are for disadvantaged families, and mainly […]