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Journal by Cisco, Global Volunteer in Portugal:

March 3, 2018

Another day, another morning, I got dressed and ready for breakfast.

I head downstairs, returned my key, and as I walk to catch the school bus, it made me reflect of the time here in Beja and what kind of impressions I have left in the hearts and minds of the many students I have reached out to. I would like to hope that the impressions I left were favourable, even memorable.

I love walking the halls of the school and speaking Portuguese. I can tell those who I connected with often smile as they respond in English or Portuguese. I have made my way to the bus stop and hopped on, said hello to my many students and quickly realized I have to sit for another 50 minutes. It’s amazing how the weather can change the mood in the bus; it’s so calm and quiet while pouring rain so I continue to reflect.

Global Volunteers has assembled a great team of leaders, Joe, Shelley, Jeanne, Cindy, Laurie, Dale, Heidi, Jim, Linda, Sherry, and I to provide opportunity for growth in our students. After various activities and lessons, we, as Global Volunteers and as new teachers, bring a fresh perspective to identify gaps that those within a school can’t see. This can add a lot to a department, school, or even district. Our journey is fresh, and this can help connect with and inspire students.

Having fun with new friends!

The bus trip has now made its way to the gate where I often meet several staff members and students. It has been both wonderful and devastating because the nature of volunteering meant I’ll be there today and gone tomorrow. But one thing is for certain, I begin the day the same way I started – empowering the youth of today and leading them for tomorrow.

Interested in being a future Global Volunteer in Portugal? Visit our Portugal page.

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