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Veteran Global Volunteer Circles the Globe to Work With Teens

work with teens and youth

Global Volunteers salutes Ken Dubuque, a Global Volunteer who works with teens and has shared peace and love every year since 2013 in Montana, the Cook Islands, Poland, and Italy.  Ken said he still finds much to talk about, teach and learn from his teen students.  He reflects on his recent experience in working with teens […]

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5 Popular Places for Boomers to Volunteer

5 Popular Places for Boomers to Volunteer

Comprising about 30 percent of our volunteers, the “Baby Boom” generation has been foundational to Global Volunteers’ growth over the past three decades. In 1984, forward-thinking Boomers helped Global Volunteers pioneer development partnerships worldwide. Here are some of our most popular volunteer locations for Boomers: Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico Santiago de Querétaro is a charming town close […]

Global Volunteers Get-together in San Francisco


A couple of weekends ago, there was an extraordinary Global Volunteers get-together in San Francisco – around 25 alumni and guests were in attendance. They gathered to support the magnificent and world renowned classical guitarist, Marco Carnicelli. Marco is one of the Italian adult students at the school Global Volunteers works at in Monopoli. In fact, […]

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I’ll Remember You Forever


by Marilyn Lutzker The eyes are equally expectant, although the faces are different. Silent, shy, and incredibly polite college freshman in Xian, China; raucous, rambunctious and never quiet high school seniors in Ostuni, Italy; and respectful, mature adults in a social service center in Siedelce, Poland: all wanting to improve their English language skills, and […]

Thanksgiving Day In Italy? YES – Every Sunday!

In Italy A Sunday Family Dinner Can Take All Afternoon It Rivals Our Traditional Thanksgiving Day So, yes every Sunday Can Be Thanksgiving Day In Italy! Yes, every Sunday most Italians enjoy a multitude of courses that rival our traditional Thanksgiving feast. One must take time and savor the delicious food.  It truly is a delightful […]

Our Last Day – Celebrating 20 Years

  WHAT A STUPENDOUS DAY – CELEBRATING 20 YEARS Fond Farewells – Final Glimpses of Our Beautiful City of Monopoli. Everything was happening for the last time – last class, last lunch, last time to shop, but more importantly the last time to feel the soul and spirit of Italy.  But, along with the sadness […]

Thursday – The Goodbyes Begin

Today started the usual way a real yearning to turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. But what would the Galileo Galilei students do without us or, more to the point, how could I think of missing a day and not see all those smiling eager faces? So, off to breakfast, our morning […]

Tuesday – A Rainbow Day – After The Rain

The volunteers got off to a good start on a brisk, sunny morning. The Galileo School had become a familiar and comfortable environment for us now.  We relax in the teachers lounge; share teaching ideas and strategies; walk the halls with smiles; and make new friends with teachers and the hall monitors.    We lunched […]

Monday – Our Second Week Begins With Rain

Finally some cool weather!  Week two began today with rain and a cooling trend.  Could it be that fall has arrived in Monopoli?  All volunteers are in a routine and since the heat has finally abated, classes have moved back indoors. Over the previous week each of us has settled into his or her own […]

Thursday – 99 Degrees ! First Week Almost Over

Aahh yes, the morning breakfast routine has been established.  The excessive heat of the day has already been assessed and the school administration has slightly shortened our day and we will now end at noon. Peter and I first worked with second year/sophomore students.  A sense of open conversation increased by a sequence of questions […]