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Sunday in the Sweat Lodge – A Blackfeet Cultural Experience

Lauren installing fence at Head Start in Montana

Global Volunteers Lauren and Jayce describe Blackfeet cultural experiences on their service program. After a productive day of service, a couple of us headed off to the sweat lodge offered by a local family.  It was sure to be a unique and educational cultural experience with our new Blackfeet friends. Everyone gathers in a small […]

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First Day at the Reservation

Ben's Lighthouse Group Photo

A journal by Sarah, a Montana Global Volunteer. Sarah was part of the Ben’s Lighthouse Group.   We woke up and had peanut butter for breakfast. Rick led a nice activity in which we said what lighthouses meant to us and what they symbolized. We drove to Browning and saw some happy cows in tall grass. […]

Good Times As Blackfeet Reservation Volunteers

Blackfeet Reservation July Volunteers

Journal by Irene, Montana Blackfeet Reservation Volunteer. Today on the Blackfeet Reservation some volunteers started the morning with exercise, while others stayed back to shower and make lunches.  Shortly thereafter, we headed out to the elementary school for the Carol White summer recreation program.  Most of our volunteer team stayed there for the day, and a few others […]


Revisiting Blackfeet with a New Outlook

Barbara, Joy, and the Team

by Barbara Gironda Marcel Proust said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.” I thought of these words often as I looked at the beautiful Montana Mountains. It has been 27 years since I ventured to Glacier National Park as a recent college graduate, eager to start […]

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Transgender Global Volunteer Welcomed by Blackfeet Nation


by Linda Roberts I participated in Global Volunteers’ service program on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana last July (2015). It was not an LGBT-focused program but I am a transgender (MTF) woman. I believe my participation was breaking new ground for the transgender community in particular. There were 14 volunteers including myself. I was […]

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Pharmacy Students Volunteer in Montana


by Mindy Lull, Professor at Wegmans School of Pharmacy Three years ago, I had a wild idea to find a service trip in the United States where I could take a group of my students to experience a new culture, help a community in need, and grow together as teammates.  I’ve traveled on service trips […]

My Week Among the Blackfeet


LIFE ON THE “REZ” by Todd Cannon I nearly bolted from the sweat lodge before the first round was over. I must have looked as if someone had doused me with a bucket of water – a steady stream of sweat running down my head, torso, limbs. The heat and total darkness inside the sweat […]


Malaysian Volunteer Shares Her Heart in Montana

Two seemingly different worlds united on the Blackfeet Reservation this summer. Suh Ning Yeoh journied from Malaysia to explore and lend a hand to the people in our host communities of Browning and Heart Butte. How beautiful to hear that the eyes and minds of both Suh Ning and our host partners were opened by their differences and […]

“Riches Are Not Money Or Wealth, But Are Family”

  It’s funny how a week can change your perspective. When we first arrived at Crow Agency, It seemed an inconvenience to walk 10 minutes up the street just to take shower. A week later, we are extremely grateful that a representative from the college has taken personal time out of this busy day to […]

A New Corps of Discovery

In 1804, members of the Lewis and Clark expedition traveled down the Yellowstone River through Crow country on their return trip to St. Louis. The “Corps of Discovery”, as they were known, was completing its mission to document the land and its plants, animals, terrain and its people. Similarly, 210 years later, another group of […]