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A Love Affair With China


 Journal entry by Barbara, a volunteer serving in China.  I am always proud to say I have been to Xi’an three times, returning after my first trip in 2007 when I chaperoned a high school trip. Upon retiring from my teaching career, I wanted to “give back to life,” to “pay it forward” for all […]

China: Leave Your Mark on History

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Working together, we change the world. Nowhere else can you be more effective!  Teach English to Chinese students, and help Chinese English teachers improve their skills.  Contribute to the common good that secures world peace. Doubt it? Consider this: We know direct people-to-people initiatives bring lasting change. Governments and businesses can’t do that.  But you can. Powerful […]

The Gaultieri Family in Kunming, China


“Returning to the Land of Their Birth” Fran and Tom Gualtieri are committed to exposing their three daughters – Nora, Geni and Dia – to all aspects of the country of their birth. In 2012, and again in 2013, the family volunteered together in Kunming, China to teach conversational skills to Chinese English teachers. They […]

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I’ll Remember You Forever


by Marilyn Lutzker The eyes are equally expectant, although the faces are different. Silent, shy, and incredibly polite college freshman in Xian, China; raucous, rambunctious and never quiet high school seniors in Ostuni, Italy; and respectful, mature adults in a social service center in Siedelce, Poland: all wanting to improve their English language skills, and […]

A Special Thanksgiving Day in China

Thursday Nov. 26, 2015 Message of the day: “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” – Anne Frank Today, we continued working with other Grade 5 students.  I typically began with a self-introduction round by introducing myself, and then asked the students to do the […]

A fun day Once Again

Today we had another interesting day at the primary/middle school.  The students were preparing for an event to impress a high level official of the district who is supposed to show up later in the week.  They choreographed a program where all the students filed into the main playground in an orderly fashion and then […]

This Week is to Work With Children!

  Today turned into a somewhat uneventful day. We were going to work with 4th graders at a local high school. In the morning, we went out and found some props like different vegetables and also bought some construction paper to cut out shapes with. At 1:30pm we were picked up and driven to Zhonong Middle […]

We Began the day With Mixed Emotions…

We began the day with mixed emotions.  We are to complete a week’s joint venture working with local teachers, and we will celebrate its completion.  The week flew by fast.  Suddenly, it’s been just too short, and I realized that I’ve developed a link to the teachers.  I have a better rapport with them, and we’re making good […]

We Continue to Have a Good Time With our Students!

Team Journal for Friday November 20, 2015 Message of the day: The desire to succeed means nothing without the will to prepare – Author unknown We continue to have a good time with our teachers.  Today, my class reviewed some menus from Denny’s.  I had not really thought about it, but, for a Chinese person, […]

Everyday it Gets Easier to Work With our Students

Team Journal for Thursday November 19, 2015 Message of the day: “Flowers only bloom when they are ready.  People are the same way.  You cannot rush or force they open just because you think it’s time.  Be patient.” – Timber Hawkeye Everyday it seems to get easier to work with our students as we get […]